Questions for you toolkit lovers!

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  1. Hi all, considering a toolkit for an upcoming trip where I want to go hands free (Disneyland!)...can a continental zip-round wallet fit in comfortably or will it hog all of the space and make the bag look bulky once you've put stuff in all three zip sections? I don't carry all that much but I know who'll end up carrying for everybody once we hit the rides...;)any pros and cons with the toolkit? TIA!
  2. I don't own a toolkit (actually had to look it up to see what it looked like)....very cute. That being said, when I go to Disneyland or any such attraction I carry a cheap & cheerful nylon lightweight bag that can take the bashing that happens at a park such as that. I've been on water rides where we all get drenched and if I had to worry about my bag it would suck all the fun out of it for me. Good luck with your decision! Disneyland sounds a blast!
  3. Ohh dear, I hadn't considered water rides...I did in fact get soaked when we went years ago...:facepalm: Thanks!
  4. You're welcome, would hate to see such a lovely bag ruined with water!
  5. Still do wonder about capacity though. Peace says about the same as a First...I was hoping for a bit more!
  6. i own a toolkit and a first. it fits about the same as a first, maybe even more. it has an accordian-like style, so it can be very fully packed and then expands. it does look funny when fully packed though, almost manly? because the shape becomes like a real toolbox, quite boxy and not slouchy. it doesn't have the slouch the other bals do, even when empty. the inside space is very generous, with the middle compartment having the most room. they all zip, so i feel very secure carrying it. it won't fit a full size water bottle, but a large wallet easily goes inside. the inside reminds me of the lv pochette metis b/c the compartments are the same, except the bal zips. i would take it to disneyland, but for myself, not a family, you know? it would fit your own stuff - like camera, snacks, makeup, etc., but i can't see it holding stuff for other people too.
  7. Thanks, may not be the right bag for the job but it still interests me, thinking it might be a good replacement for my Hip, as I rarely use it, just a bit too small! (and the kids are 21, but I know they'll still ask me to take their stuff when they want to go on rides...)
  8. Alansgail makes an excellent point. It got me thinking about a bag I got my mom for Christmas:
    She was just visiting (as you know) and she brought it with her... it's a great size, cross body and super lightweight. I hadn't seen it IRL before and was actually surprised at how much I liked it. Bonus: it's cheap. Double bonus: you would **still** be the most fashionable person at the park by a long shot. When I have to go to Disneyland, I carry one of my kids' old beach backpacks. As clean as they keep the park, it's still dirty, sweaty, and wet, and I always want to carry snacks and water because girl, you could buy a new Bal with what you'll spend on food for a family of four there!! Yeah, in this case, cheap & practical wins my vote hands down. Now, maybe if you were considering a courier....... lol jk.
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  9. Yeah, it's a rethink for sure...OK so now I just have to figure out which bag to bring when we get together for that glass of wine :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  10. OMG s.tighe back in the glad to "see" you back after new platform loaded here! You ALWAYS have such wise & thoughtful advise! I also got my mom a Baggalini before & I swear she loves that bag more than any other (ie-more fine/leather) bag I've bought for her....go figure. Utility/function certainly has its place. Oh,,I'm seeing muchstuff's comment now (wonder if she'll read this since I can't figure out multi quote function on my laptop) if she's serious about y'all getting together (for wine) that is so cool! I would so LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet so many of you fine Bal lovers in real life someday!! Maybe we all need a virtual webex session (HA!):flowers:
  11. Ohhhh..... can I choose? Will you have your RT shrug by then?!?!? That one gets my vote!
  12. Kendie my girl! Great to see you too! I've seen some of your beautiful pictures in the "carrying today" thread but haven't figured out the system yet so it turned me into a lurker Lol. I was trying to figure out how to comment on your back yard (front yard?) yet again the other day but I was like, "do I quote her? do I reply? do I "@" her?.... Gah I don't know." So I didn't do anything! Been swamped with kids' end-of-year-everything and just haven't had the chance to tinker with it, but even this ole gal will come 'round eventually! Always happy to see that you're keeping your fab bag collection well-exercised and documenting it for the rest of us to drool over (see, this is where I'd put a heart emoji but I have no idea where to find it... slowly, slowly).
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  13. HA OMG you are such a priceless sweetheart s.tighe (sidebar: MUCHSTUFF~don't you go gettin' jealous of me flriting w/ your girl here!!) This made me laugh so hard. SO many of us feel the same so you are not alone my pretty! I was going to give up with the new platform but i said "no, I'd miss the Bal club way too much" gets a little easier, I promise. Thank you very kindly for your dear words, as always. Hugs:heart:

  14. Yup, will have it, so RT shrug it is :yes:...Kendie I think I've figured out the multi quote...
  15. S.tighe, the task bar at the top of your message, see the smiley face? That's the emojis. They have static:biggrin: and animated :wave:...still working on the learning curve, I've been lurking more than posting myself!
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