Questions for you ladies who have the Dark Silver Reissue 255

  1. I found one and it's coming to me on Friday! But I had a few questions since I never saw it IRL. What kind of silver is it? Do you like the color? Does it rub off at all since Chanel seems to have problems with some of their metallic bags. Thanks so much!
  2. Hi! Congratulations on finding such a beauty... what size did you find? :smile: I have the dark silver in the 226, and I don't think you have to worry about the metallic rubbing off... it's a gorgeous aged calfskin and more durable than some metallics. Chanel did have problems with its metallic gold bowler, but that was a material defect. The dark silver is just stunning... it has tones of rose gold and bronze, and is a chameleon like color! I'm sure you will love it!! :smile:
  3. Sweetsparkle,

    Congratulations!!! This is definitely a masterpiece. I have that in size 225. I love it so much and I got a lot of compliment every time I used it. Don't worry, no problem for the metallic rubbing off at all.

    But may I know where did you get yours. Because one of my friends is drooling over it for long time....Would you please help?
  4. i got it in the 225. i was told that there was only one left and i got it. i was actually looking for the light silver color but it seems to be sold out long time ago since it was the campaign bag
  5. i'll ask my SA whether they have another one and i'll PM you on Thursday!
  6. Can anyone post a pic of the dark silver reissue? i would love to see it to compare it with rose gold..
  7. sweetsparkle,

    I have ordered a dark silver 2.55 reissue in small size (225) today from my SA, the price is $1995. It seems to me the price should be $1895 for 225 size. Is $1995 the updated price now?

    Thanks a lot!
  8. Well, I have same query when I got it recently. However, the SA told that it should be $1995 instead of $1895.
    I would like to clarify with you too, thank you.


  9. i'm so jealous :biggrin:
  10. I actually didn't like it... I wished it was more silver and less of an ambiguous bronzish silver color that will be difficult to dress up, if you don't wear black shoes.

    I returned mine...
  11. I think you did a great buy!I've got the light silver 225 and I love it more than any bag!Don't worry about the leather it's just gorgeous!
  12. chanelspell, is the light silver very light? Do you have a picture of it?
  13. I own the dark silver and I haven't had any issues with the color rubbing off. I am pretty carfeul with my bags though. This bag is one of my favs! :love: You'll love it!
  14. Hi! I got my dark silver 225 reissue also for $1005 so that price seems right :yes:
  15. i have the same exact bag, sweetsparkle. i love love love this bag. at first i didn't like the silver undertones. but this bag is a chameleon! the colors can be pewter beige, pewter rose, copperish under various lightings. this bag is SOOO unique. the metallic calfskin leather is actually much more durable than the previous reissues which were distressed lambskin leather.

    check out my thread for some modeling and pics of the bag you just bought: