Questions for those who have Noe...

  1. I just ordered Epi petit noe from eLux the other day. It will be here on Tuesday. When it gets here, I sure will post pictures. Before then, I have two questions.

    1. Is the new red (the one on elux) different than the old red? Do you think the new red is more red than the old red (does it make sense?)? Which red do you like better?

    2. How do you store your noe to prevent it from being wrinkle. Should I stuff with something? Thanks much.
  2. The new red is a little more orange based, and the old red was a little more blue. I personally like the old red better, but you probably couldn't tell the difference between them much unless you had them side by side. Otherwise, I think they would just look bright red individually.

    I keep my epi petit noe's shape by putting a roll of packing bubble wrap in it. Congrats and enjoy your new bag!
  3. Princess, would you know whether this also apply to the red alma epi leather? :s
  4. packing bubble wrap? How do you pack it? Did you pack it until the bag is full (as in very full--no shape, square-like)? Or did you pack it but let the bag maintains its original shape? thanks.