Questions for the Coeur owners

  1. Are you still using your Coeur? Are you glad you got one since it's LE, or do you think it's useless and would've rather put the $ toward something else?

    I'm not sure if I should talk myself out of wanting one, or continue wishing/hunting. :shrugs: Although, I know this for sure....I WILL NOT PAY $750 for one!

    I'd love feedback if you own any of the Coeurs.

  2. It is cute but useless. I am glad that I got it because it is my first MC piece. MCs are so expensive and I rather spend the 350 on an LE piece that looks cute hanging on my bag then 200 something on a cles. I wouldn't buy anything bigger either. Does that make sense?

    I pretty much use it as eye candy on my denim baggy and it looks real cute. I would've loved it in pomme but since I couldn't get one MC is enough for me.
  3. where can i find one? :smile:
  4. Ok, I probably should've asked earlier....because I was debating bidding for one on eBay. I decided I would place one bid and that's it. If it was meant to was meant to be. And guess what.....can you guess?

    Framboise Coeur is mine!!!!!:yahoo: :party:

    I paid a little over retail ($55 more), which considering what they're going for and the fact that they're LE/sold out, seems like a deal. I feel kinda stupid for spending $400 on a little coin purse, but then I'm excited at the same time.

  5. Oh, that's a fab deal. I woulda paid that much for it!!! So lucky. So pretty!
  6. Thank you. Now I feel less stupid and more excited.:yes:
    Isn't it crazy that $400 is a fab deal for a somewhat, useless coin purse? :lol: It sure is pretty tho, and I can't wait to get it!
  7. No guilt, it is soooo cute and everyone wants one! All my friends (who don't own LV) saw it in an add in ou local paper and were asking me about it and how they could get one. They couldn't believe when I told them it was sold out. It just adds some spice to any bag and a good conversation piece (but yah, useless!).
  8. They are not very useful other than for a bag charm but they are soooo pretty that I have no regrets getting my pomme one. :heart:
    Congrats on the framboise - beautiful colour for the heart!:yahoo:
  9. Never regretted, it's a beautiful bag charm that I use as a key holder too :smile: :heart:
  10. It's great as a bag charm and if you keep a fair bit of spare change. It doesn't really keep keys but it's really cute to have. :smile:
  11. 100 % Useless piece of beauty.
  12. hope you get a good deal. good luck!
  13. Congrats :smile:
  14. Congrats on winning your new Coeur! You picked a fantastic color! Please post some pics up when it arrives.
  15. I'm in love with my mc heart!
    I don't find it useless at all; I put a chapstick and some $$ in it. It's very handy to have it hanging on the outside.