Questions for Rolex Owners - Maintainence Cost

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  1. How much do I expect to shell out for maintaining a Rolex watch? What has been your experience? Thanks!
  2. I have mine sent back to Rolex about every three years to be cleaned, and it's usually about $200-250. My oldest one is 30 years old, and still runs and looks great.
  3. thanks for the info.
  4. In 2007, I recall paying $600 for my maintenance, and I just send my watch in again, a couple days ago, for maintenance.
  5. DH has a model from the 60's. He bought in 1995 & its never been serviced. It's one you have to wind. Don't know if that has anything to do with it.
    We use this watch when we go on vacation. So it lays dead in the safe most of the time.
  6. The last time I sent mine in for servicing was about 10 years ago. $150. Since then I haven't bothered to send it in for maintenance. It runs a bit slow sometimes but as long it tells the time, I don't really bother.
  7. $600! :faint: What kind of maintenance did they do? Perhaps the cost depends on the type of watch? I am thinking about Datejust, and nothing complicated or fancy.
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  8. I hear that a Rolex needs to have regular maintenance. Otherwise, there may be serious damage. Think in terms of a car that needs oil change every so often. Am I right or is it just Rolex's ploy to suck more money out of me?
  9. I've had mine 15 yrs and never once sent it in. I wear it everyday and it's been nothing but great. I sent my husbands watch in over the summer and it cost $595.
  10. my jeweler says every 10 yrs or so *if* it needs it. He said he's only needed service once in 20 yrs on his.
  11. I never heard about the serious damage part before. I don't think it's true unless you go swimming, scuba diving, mountain climbing etc. with your watch. My grandfather has one from the 30s and I think he only sent it less than 3 times in his entire life.
  12. I have two Rolexes, one of them, I've had for almost 20 years. I only service them once every 5-7years and they run fine.
  13. My grandmother has one that she is passing on to me (white gold and diamonds....yay!) and she just got it back from maintance and it cost $500 and took like a month to get it back!
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  14. wondering where did you hear that too wrong information?

    only service when needed it !
    5 years is recommended by Rolex. Otherwise, 10, 15, 20 years or more does not matter. As long as the watch runs good, there is unnecessarily to spend money.
  15. It is around $500-600, but only needs to be done every five years or so. You can probably get away with longer if you are not terribly hard on the watch. I don't remember the specifics, but I believe they take the entire thing apart and check EVERYTHING, replace whatever needs it, lubricate parts, and reseal everything.