QUESTIONS FOR RM MAVEN- please address....

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  1. Hello RM Maven!

    We are constantly sharing our opinions on how to care for our bags, and i've seen that many girls have posted the products they use and the concerns they have. Especially some of the new RM owners I've seen on the forum. So on behalf of them, and save time from having a million of us emailing you guys I wanted to start this thread.

    Can you please tell us what products Rebecca recommends using on her bags to clean and care for them?

    Also, another member started this thread

    Could you please address this as well?

    And also- could you give us some more information as to what is going to be available during the sample sale. If its going to be in May sometime, thats less than two months away, and we have been eager to have SOME form of insight for the past month...

    Also, could you provide us color palletes for the prefall bags coming out in June?

    GIRLS- i thought it would keep the forum neater if we just started a thread of questions/issues we'd like RM to address for us, so thats why i started this thread. And i think it will be easier for RM Maven to be able to address if she doesn't have to search around as she may not have as much time to get on the forum as we do! Please feel free to post your questions/concerns here

  2. Do you guys sell extra tassles/would you be able to?
  3. Thanks for starting this thread, Desi. :smile:

    I have 2 questions to add:

    1) Is there any special care needed for the Gold Crackle bottom of the new Night/Gold Morning After?
    2) When can we expect to see the 'Night' colored Elisha strap on the website? I keep checking, but no luck.

    I'm also very interested in info on the Sample Sale! I live in NYC so I plan on attending if that is possible? I'm not sure if it is.

  4. 1) Is the new hardware ever coming back? I know RM said she'd switch it up a bit. If so what season?
    2) When is that red basketweave scheduled to be released?
  5. ^^bump
  6. Dear RM Maven, remember the Lavendar Matinee from Resort '07? Are there any sitting in a warehouse somewhere? Or around the showroom? Thanks, Jenny
  7. I love the idea of being able to attach a strap to the Morning After and Morning After mini, however, the new hardware does not let me detach the top and bottom clasps. I really would love to be given the option to add a shoulder strap on some of these new bags, so I'm wondering if you can adjust future bags so that the clips can be detached and matching shoulder straps will be available for purchase.
  8. circoit, can you please explain - I'm really really confused. RM's web site makes no difference between new and old - and from looking at the zoom views on some of the sites (LB?) it appears that the hooks can be undone...?

  9. I've tried to undo the new hardware, you know the new, shiny gold custom hardware. The clamp is held on by a little screw, which I took out and still couldn't get the clasp to release. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.
  10. God, I hope we get an answer. My tangerine MAM is coming Tuesday, and the hobo strap in a few weeks - I will return it all if I can't use the bag as a shoulder bag. :cursing:

  11. It releases, dont turn the screw, instead push the screw up toward the top of the bag and the clasp releases. HTH!
  12. OH my, thank YOU, 3Snuffles! You've saved my sanity!!!:tup:

  13. shouldn't This Thread Be Stickied Up Above?
  14. ^agreed.
  15. Hi Maven! I was wondering if you could explain how exactly the sample sales work for those of us that have never participated in one before. There has been a lot of buzz about an upcoming sale and I'm curious as to how it usually goes. I did a search and found bits and pieces of information about past sales but I think that it would be helpful to have it explained for us RM sample sale virgins. Thanks!:ty:
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