Questions for PF members living Hong Kong

  1. Please help me. My dh is going to Hong Kong this coming August and I would like to know what bbag colors and styles are available in balenciaga or Joyce? Any info will be appreciated.
  2. hi the last time i went to the store was 2 wks ago so i'm not sure if its changed much but they had Steel in city, p/time in RH and SH. I go the steel :yahoo:

    they also had Mastic, Tomato, Olive but at the time NO CINNAMON or SIENNA although they said it was arriving any day now.

    I've been aoviding going to the store - too much damage to my wallet :sad: but just as FYI, they close rather early 7 or 730 so tell your DH to go early. Also there's only 1 place to get it Balenciaga in Central-its owned by the joyce group but for the MOTO style only the Bal store in Central. the other joyce boutiques may carry the non moto styles but no alot either.

    I hope this helps.
  3. Thanks for the info. I want to buy vert gazon city in RH, anybody knows what store has this color?
  4. I just moved back from HK, and there is also a shop called TWIST that is right behind the Bal shop in Central...that was handbag heaven!!! The bags are all new...with a bit of a discount (not much)...and of course...authentic!!! I would also tell DH to give it a try to see what they have in stock!
  5. as mentioned before, have never seen a vert gazon in Hong Kong, not even in those consignment store.
    went to Balenciaga on sunday and remember seeing steel, black with SGH, olive and ocean or and a tomato city!
    still waiting for violet to arrive!!
  6. Again, thanks for the info! ;)