Questions for Patent Leather owners


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Nov 20, 2007
i just returned a patent madison shoulder because while i love the easy maintenance of patent, i couldn't stand the wrinkles it forms from general use. every movement of the bag creates little wrinkles in the patent (more visible to me in lighter colors than darker colors) due to the leather being on the thinner side (i own some thick leather patent LV pieces, and they do not wrinkle). while i like the look of crinkled patent, i couldn't be sure if the patent would eventually wrinkle evenly, or just around the handles and parts of the bag that "bend" the most. since i'm a bit OCD about my bags, i chose to return it cuz i knew it would bother me. if it does not bother u, go for it! patent is perfect for the rain and generally low maintenance. remember too that the darker the color, the more fingerprints will show up, tho that fades over time since the bag isn't so shiny new anymore. good luck!


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Jan 29, 2009
So Cal 562
I have this exact same bag and it's super cute! The patent has natural wrinkle to it so you won't have any problems with it becoming more wrinkly or creasing. There are some patent bags that have smooth patent and I think this is harder to deal with because you'll easily notice if the patent becomes wrinkly in a particular spot. I think the Poppy line in general is a fun and worry free line and you'll be able to use your bag with ease. Enjoy!