Questions for owners of the First

  1. I asked a couple ladies about this already but I want to ask eveyrone. For those of you that own a First, are you able to wear it on your shoulder without the shoulder strap? Or is it too small :shrugs: ??? I've seen pictures of people wearing them this way. However, I have tried a few on. They are a bit uncomfortable on my shoulder (actually they barely fit) without the strap but I looove :heart: :love: the way it looks! So I thought I would ask everyone. Thanks! Also, does the handle drop increase on the city? Maybe this is the bag for me if I want to wear it on my shoulder (without strap)??
  2. it really depends on the size of your arms. i have seen tons of photos of girls with both bags on their shoulder. I am 5'5 average weight, but muscular arms...from the gym.. and i find my first is snug on my shoulder... i have a really broken in city that fits nice on my shoulder... then some newer cities that are snug... the handles tend to stretch and soften with use... hope that helps..
  3. hey ya
    i always have my shoulder strap on when im wearing my FIRST, i either use the strap or hold it in my hand... as for my CITY if its not stuff with heaps of stuff i can just fit it on my shoulders or else i just use the shoulder strap...
    totally agree it really depends on the size of your arms! hehehe!
  4. I've it's really really really all up in your armpit snug. lol. I think it stretches out with frequent use, though(see Sienna Millers super stretched out First handles).
  5. ditto ^^ :tender:
  6. Don't be afraid to post pics now, folks! ordered a white First from AR yesterday. :wlae:
  7. wooohoooo white first was my obsession for a while! Congrats!! :yahoo:
  8. hat, i know it is still on your LIST!!!:love: white first is a great accessory and that comes from a diehard weekender fan!:supacool: [​IMG]
  9. A little addition to the question (which wasn't mine): How does the handle length of the first compare with the twiggy?
  10. If you decide to get the city...the handles will overtime stretch out abit due to the soft leather and eventually it'll fit nicely on your shoulder.But as for the just depends on your arms.For some people it fits nicely and for others it just doesn' all depends.

    By the way which one are you deciding on getting ? And what color ?
  11. A lot of times I throw the First bag over my shoulder without even realizing I've done it. I think it is comfortable :yes:
  12. I held up a first and a twiggy of mine together by the handle and the twiggy handle drop seems about 1" longer. That or the twiggy just slouches more in the middle (at least mine, from 2004) giving it more of a drop. The twiggy handles definitely accomodate the shoulders better, probably due to the twiggy slouch. HTH!
  13. Murasaki, thanks so much for doing that! I have an '04 twiggy too, and it definitely fits comfortably over my shoulder, and I suppose I was hoping the first would too. I guess I will just have to wait for it to stretch out. *sigh*
  14. I never wore my First on my shoulder when I had was just too snug for me (without the shoulder strap)....although my little 15 yr old sister thought it was cute when I wore it with the strap!
  15. Thanks CW.... H-O-T is all I can say.

    I can't wait to get mine.... tomorrow is the day! *shimmies*