questions for owners of LV agendas

  1. What size works the best for you? What are the pages like inside, a calendar, notes, address, etc? I was looking on elux today but I may have to make a trip to the LV store to check them out firsthand. Let me know which ones you like and what you use them for!! Thanks :smile::smile:
  2. I use the mono sm. agenda. It has monthly calandar pages, 1 week per 2 pages, note pages, maps, info, and address book. I use it all the time to keep track of everything!! I love it. I considered the medium size but it is a little big to put into a bag with everything else. IMHO.
  3. i was thinking the small ...maybe in damier. So it bascially has everything a normal agenda has :smile: Thanks!!
  4. i forgot to ask too, does it come with pages then or do you have to by them separately?
  5. I have the sm. wh. MC agenda. The SA showed me the agenda pages...which is address bk., calendar, etc. But I didn't purchase cuz I just wanted blank lined paper.

    A few days later I ck'd elux and found they did have lined paper for the sm. agenda. So I purchased 2 packs. They're very nice!! The edges are gold..with LV logo going down the sides. Very nice!:yes:
  6. you have to buy them seperately and they cost a pretty penny.

    i have the desk agenda and i love it. i used to have a small agenda and i hated it because it was so ridiculously small for my giant man hands. lol.

    the desk agenda refills have fold out year calendar, 2page monthly spread, 2page 1week calendar followed by a travel log/website listing, world information, temperature timetable of the world, conversion tables, and phone number listing to LV's outside the US & France... then it's followed by a fold out colored map of the world and the US, then followed by individual continents (South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, then time zones of the world, a close up map of France.. and a separate address book that also comes with the refill.

    all pages are gold lined.

    oh and for the weekly part of the agenda, they have vintage LV ads placed in between some of the weeks at random intervals. they're pretty awesome.
  7. I LOVE AGENDAS!!! And, today I just got a brand new mint condition Murakami Panda... can't believe it. It's small and I had to order 3 x 5 inserts for it. I didn't know you could purchase the LV pages with gold on the outside... wow. That would be nice. But, since it has six holes, it has to be exactly right to use pages that aren't Vuitton.

    But, since the Panda is limited, I might have to buy another agenda that I can use everyday. I'm kind of bummed that the Panda is so precious. Wish I could use it everyday, but anyway, I'm obsessing.... thanks for posting regarding agendas, it's so appropriate for my perfect day!

  8. I would use everyday the Murakami multicolor, which I've seen on eluxury. That wouldn't be as precious as the Panda, but still incredibly chic....
  9. yea i want the Vendredi Agenda in the white multicolor. so cute.
  10. I have the LV medium mono agenda. LOVE IT! The small is too small for my needs. I have a calender, address book, LV note paper, clear business card holders and maps. The medium fits into all of my bags except for my Gucci clutch. Oh yeah, there are 7 credit card holders on the inside front flap and a vertical pocket on the back inside flap. Hope this helps!
  11. I have the small monogram agenda. I like it alot.... It doesn't take up a lot of room in my bag. It is very small to write in, but since I have a lot of appointments I don't need anything bigger. I don't know if the larger agendas can use a larger pen, but the little loop in the small agenda will only take a realllly skinny pen. The LV pen is $200+. I bought a Lamy Spirit ballpoint that fits very nicely.
  12. I have an agenda pm in red vernis, I have both the blank pages (notes) and the day-to-day calender. I love it.
  13. Oh, and you have to buy them. it's like $60.00 for a refill
  14. I have the mini but all I use it for is an address book in case my phone runs out of battery.
  15. I have the Small Ring Agenda in monogram. It fits perfectly into a bag, and I got the refill notepaper as well. It's $16 on Elux for 100 pages, 50 lined white pages, and 50 lined beige pages. I just use it to take notes. I can't live without it!