Questions for new moms..

  1. Hi all, I was wondering.. mom's with young kids. Do you carry your Hermes when you're with them? I am at home with my kids most of the day and they're very young so I dress very casual. I am just wondering if it would look weird strutting around a Birkin or Kelly while pushing a stroller.
  2. I carry my 35cm Birkin every time I go out. Unless I am going to the beach or running to the grocery store alone in which case I just carry my wallet. I find it easy to carry the Birkin slung on my arm, the baby in the baby bjorn carrier or Birkin on my arm while pushing the stroller. My baby does not walk yet and her shoes are "crib" shoes or super soft soled ones. I don't know how I will feel about it once she is walking and if I hold her her little shoes will be dirty and in close proximity to my bag when slung on the arm. That is something I am already pondering. But I think in that case I will carry my Kelly with the shoulder strap.

    I dress casual. Jeans, a sweater and short kitten heel booties or sneakers. Generally I have a beret or hat of some kind on because I cannot be bothered to fix my bangs in the morning. Having the Hermes along makes me feel better about the no makeup, casualness of young motherhood.

    My 3 year old has been taught to NEVER touch anyone's handbag unless asked to. I just think it's good manners that she not touch or go through anyones bag including my own. This also ensures I never have dirty little hands near any of my bags. This rule also applies to the diaper bag and its been pretty easy going. She just asks for anything she wants.

    I don't think carrying Hermes looks weird. I really feel that you are either an Hermes carrying person or not. Once the choice is made, one should get maximum usage out of these bags that are so expensive.
  3. i have a 3.5 dd. with a stroller, i could never imagine using a birkin or any other bag that does not give the option of a shoulder strap.
    that said, i will not dress like a slob. i keep my wardrobe very approachable and hands on (never do i want to say "don't touch mommy, or mommy's purse, etc."), but absolutely, you can use an hermes bag when you're with the kids. togo, clemence, fjord or on the top of the mommy-approved leather list.
  4. cannot stress the importance of that enough! we have to stay human, right?!
  5. Yeah - I never thought I'd leave the house without makeup. Now I can't tear myself from morning cuddles and games to "apply my face before I go out". They are little for so little time.....
  6. off topic but ADORABLE DOG!!! :smile: i want to squish it !
    im not a mother yet but if i were i would definetely carry my Birkin with me because i refuse to be frumpy all the time and that is a quick easy pick me up out of frumpsville. you can always hang it from one of the handles of your stroller, no? or a jpg might be ideal.
  7. it was such a huge adjustment for me, just not having work and that office commraderie and then to be at the beck and call of the hardest little boss ever. phew, i feel like i've survived something by getting to this stage. and having an hermes bag (or whatever a person's personal indulgence is) means so much to me.
    as for makeup, i tell you, a mom in dd's class as been sick for a week and i've finally seen her without makeup, she looks terrific! almost 10 years younger.
  8. MM--I don't think it looks weird, but it sure can get a bit unwieldy. When my DD was in the infant stage, I couldn't wield a handbag at all--I was still learning the ropes as a rookie mom! I just stuck my cellphone and wallet into the diaper bag and that was pretty much it. Even now, DD is a toddler, I only use my Birkin when I'm alone or DH is around to wheel the stroller. I'm at the stage where we still make her meals for her (we're a bit anal) so I still need the diaper bag to house her meal, diapers, snacks, restaurant toys, etc.

    In short, I say go for it if you can handle it, but if you need a separate purse, I'd pick a shoulder/messenger style.

    And I am super-casual when I'm w/DD--jeans, sweater, newsboy cap (same reasons as Gazoo--sometimes there's just not enough time to do the hair), clogs.
  9. I too am astounded at the comments of how young one looks without makeup. Granted I wore way too much of it in my late teens and early 20's and spent WAY too much time on it and hair.

    Maybe it's karma that we look younger without the makeup to "makeup" for the tiredness of new mommy-hood. I'll take any edge I can get! :shame:
  10. Sometimes a nice bag is the only thing that will make you feel put together as a new mom. When my son was young, I carried a birkin (togo) which was practically indestructable. I carried juice boxes, snacks & the like inside but felt a a good bit more "with it" when the outside was a special bag.
  11. BTW: I always have a diaper bag on the back of the stroller so the Hermes is in addition to the diaper bag and not loaded down with baby stuff.
  12. HH--I completely agree...I always tell my friends that this is by far the hardest job I've ever had and I had some pretty demanding clients back when I was in the workforce. My H-bags are definitely a little something something for myself. :love:
  13. Gazoo, you're my hero! I tried that once and my arm was still killing me, but I have some heavy hardware in my Birkin--iPod, camera, agenda, book, etc. I tried shoving the Birkin in the stroller basket, but for some reason it pained me to see my bag shoved in sideways like that. :crybaby:
  14. i love it!!! i love thinking about a mommy having some damn compensation during her day. it's small and it's trivial, but h*** if my purse doesn't make me feel better, gives me a little pick-me-up on a hard day. my plan is to save, and i will start on jan. 1, for one more Hermes purse, and it will take me a loooo-oooo-ooong time, but i know that if he gets the chance first, dh will most definitely buy me one if for no other reason because he sees how hard i work all day, every day. silly to say he'll buy me one... i just mean he would be more then happy to put OUR money towards an H bag for me, if and when we have some extra to spare for that.
  15. I totally agree Hermes bags are for me and they make me feel great, but when I have all three kids with me (they are all within 5 years and all toddlers) I carry my junker bag.

    I am not going to beat up my nice Hermes bags when I have so many of their things to worry about. If I was back at one child I would carry them, but not three and all so little. You have drinks, snacks, diapers & wipes, little toys, and so many other things you have to stuff in your bag.

    I may be the odd one here, but I won't abuse my gorgeous bags! When they are a few years older I won't hesitate to carry them all the time!!!