Questions for Kitchenaid stand mixer owners!

  1. I'm not sure about the bowl. I can tell you that my mom has had a kitchen aid stand mixer for over 15 years and her stainless steel bowl looks like it is brand new. If the retailer can't help you then I would call the kitchen aid customer line.
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    The retailer replied to my email that in their opinion the bowl it's not defective but suggested to contact the repairs center for my own piece of mind. I've forwarded the pics to the customer repairs center and they already replied asking for my phone #, saying that they are going to call me.

    Thank you for your help. :hugs: Let me know if you want to see pics.
  3. Another question: I found a bread recipe online... but it says to let the dough rise in the KA bowl for two hours (covered with plastic film). Is this OK? Or it will ruin the bowl? TIA
  4. That sounds about right. If you don't want to use the KA bowl you can transfer the dough to a medium/large plastic container and let it rise in there. Just coat the inside of the bowl with a little flour.
  5. Thank you. I just got a replacement bowl and I just want to do everything right. The "old" bowl is still flaking off (I used it one more time before getting the replacement one)... and also makes a strange "tic tic" noise as the stainless steel is trying to adjust itself. I'm not sure if this make sense.
  6. Is the new KA bowl working better for you?
  7. Yes, it is. Thank you for asking.
    I think I need to adjust the beater to bowl clereance again! I did set it too high so the head of the mixer moves a bit. Need to lower the beater a bit, because the wip wire touches the bowl walls. I'm going to make some stuffed focaccia :graucho::graucho: later today. I love using my KA!
  8. anyone recommend any cookbooks for the kitchenaid?
  9. Just ordered this one- anyone use it before?