Questions for Kitchenaid stand mixer owners!

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  1. Hello! :P I'm trying to decide whether I should get a Kitchenaid 5-qt. Artisan stand mixer. I cook daily and make baked goods frequently (once a week) but I have been doing fine with my regular hand mixer. I want to venture into bread-baking and one of the things that intimidates me is kneading dough...maybe the Kitchenaid could help me out with that? Anyway, here are my questions. Thanks in advance!

    1) What do you use your stand mixer for?
    2) How often do you use it?
    3) Do you like it? If not -- why not?
    4) Is it easy to clean and maintain?
    5) Do you heartily recommend any of the optional attachments?
  2. I've had my kitchenaid stand mixer for at least 10 years.
    I use it for everything except mashing potato's.
    I use it several times a week for cookies, bread, cakes, everything I can'
    I have never had a problem with it.
    If it ever breaks I would quickly get another.

    The only attachments I use besides the dough hook are the plastic things that keep ingredients from shooting out.
  3. I have a 5qt Professional HD tilt head model from Costco.

    1) What do you use your stand mixer for? Baking- mostly cakes, cookies and loaves. I haven't tried doing doughs in my yet but have watched my MIL mix doughs using hers and it seems to do a really good job.
    2) How often do you use it? About once a week
    3) Do you like it? If not -- why not? Love it. I used to use a regular hand mixer for baking but I wasn't completely happy with it. So when I moved to the States last year I knew I had to get a KA
    4) Is it easy to clean and maintain? Yep, remove the bowl and attachments for cleaning, wipe down the mixer & beater shaft with a damp cloth.
    5) Do you heartily recommend any of the optional attachments?I've only got the standard set of three attachments - flat beater, whip and dough hook.. plus an additional combi whip I got as a GWP. Not sure if I'll invest in additional attachments yet

    And the all important question for you is - what color are you thinking of getting? :biggrin:
  4. Thanks, Linda and Kathy! Are the bowl and attachments dishwasher-safe?

    ^^^ Ah, that is the million-dollar question! I LOVE tangerine, persimmon, ice, green apple, and pistachio. My newly remodeled kitchen is very cool yet neutral in tone (white cabs, black/gray soapstone counter, pale gray-green backsplash), so I was thinking about getting a mixer with warmth and POP! Tangerine and Persimmon would be great for that, but I so love the beautiful cool tones of ice and pistachio! Oy, what to do?!
  5. Also, please feel free to share what color mixer you have! :smile:
  6. Ooh fun colors! Can't wait to see what you pick.

    The bowl is dishwasher safe but I hand wash and dry my attachments because they are the burnished type. I think the white (coated) ones are dishwasher safe though
  7. boring old black :nuts:

  8. 1) What do you use your stand mixer for? Mainly baked goods; cookies, cakes, and bread.
    2) How often do you use it? once every month or so.
    3) Do you like it? If not -- why not? Love it! One of my favorite appliances.
    4) Is it easy to clean and maintain? Yep; my mom bought ours about 10 years ago and it's basically like new.
    5) Do you heartily recommend any of the optional attachments? I only have the standard attachments so I'm not sure. The pasta machine looks great though!
  9. I think EVERY household should have a Kitchen Aid mixer. Mine is at least 10 years old, before they came out with cool colors and lots of sizes. I have basic white (when I bought it I could choose from white, black or almond), and the model is Heavy Duty, which I don't even know is still made. But it works like brand new even after this long! Buy one once in your life, and you will never need to buy another one.

    I have to also comment that my mother was horrified when I bought one by myself as a single woman. Apparently you're supposed to reserve Kitchen Aid mixers for your wedding registry, ha ha.

    1) What do you use your stand mixer for? Mostly for cookies and cakes.
    2) How often do you use it? Depends. Less since I broke my wrist and I've been doing a lot less cooking since the spring.
    3) Do you like it? If not -- why not? I love it and wouldn't give it up.
    4) Is it easy to clean and maintain? Absolutely. The bowl and attachments go in the dishwasher.
    5) Do you heartily recommend any of the optional attachments? I don't have any attachments. I bought the splatter shield but I never use it.
  10. Mine just looks pretty. Rarely use it because it too much work...
  11. I have the boring old black one too. I use it whenever I bake and love it.

    The bowl is definitely dishwasher safe. I wonder about the wisk attachment though (the one I use most). After it comes out of the dishwasher, it has this nasty black residue on the top of it (the part that attaches it to the mixer) that rubs off on my hands. I have never bothered to figure out why.

    The one thing I would do differently if I were purchasing it again is buy the Kitchen Aid Mixer that tilts back. Mine is one of the professional models (a new one - haven't even had it a year), but the top doesn't tilt back or lift up, so I can't remove the bowl without first removing the beater/wisk, etc., and I can't remove the beater without removing the bowl. So I have to take the beater off the mixer, and then hold it in the bowl to remove the whole thing at once. It's kind of a PITA.
  12. 1. bake goods
    2. once a month/every other month
    3. its AH-mazing!- no qualms
    4. easy to clean bowls, quick wipe down of the frame and its good to go. I DO NOT put my bowls in the dishwasher to wash. Nor do I put the whisk or beater. I handwash.
    5. There are so many attachments! My sis and I got my mom the meat grinder one, I think that would be convenient or the ice cream one.
    6. I have the Prof. 6 qt in white with two bowls and splatter shield. It does the same thing as illinirdhd mentioned- doesn't tilt up, so you have to take off and lift out first.
  13. I have an Artisan in a forest green. I LOVE it.

    1)Mainly baked goods, but not usually for bread dough. My preference is to knead by hand when making big loaves. Dessert breads I will do in a mixer though.
    2)At least a few times a month
    3)Love it! No problems except for taking up of counter space. I had to rearrange my kitchen for it by putting the microwave (which I rarely use) on top of the fridge!
    4)Easy-peasy. I wash all by hand, though.
    5)I've been dying to get the pasta attachments. If I had those I'd be using it weekly for fresh pasta!!

    One note: I would buy a second bowl which saves from having to stop and wash the original one if you have two or more completely different steps in a process, but buy a second bowl from somewhere other than KitchenAid - they are ridiculously expensive but you can find them cheaper elsewhere.
  14. 1) What do you use your stand mixer for?
    When I first got it I almost wanted to like just mix water in it...I was so happy to have it.
    2) How often do you use it?
    Whenever I get the chance but pretty much whenever I'm baking anything. I have been baking a lot more since I've had it. I've even made the dogs special treats!
    3) Do you like it? If not -- why not?
    I love it. Mine is pink and I got it for Christmas two years ago and it is the best gift I have ever received. I had no idea what was under the tree but I have always wanted one and my parents got it for me. I look at it and smile (strange?).:nuts:
    4) Is it easy to clean and maintain? I think the parts (whisk, needer) are annoying to clean but those parts are still there even with a hand held and they're annoying to clean up the mess is never as much fun as making the mess!
    5) Do you heartily recommend any of the optional attachments?
    Mine came with many of the attachments (3: the whisk, the mixer part, and the part for bread making). Mine also does open and close which makes it easier to take the bowl in and out of. I think my friend has the same one but the top doesn't open.
  15. Wow, you guys -- thanks for all the great info and tips! (I knew I could count on you!) I will make sure that the model I get flips up so the bowl is easy to take out, and I will definitely buy a second bowl because I do often bake things that require 2 different processes. Sounds like if you're a regular baker, the Kitchenaid is a really fun and useful tool to have! :smile: