Questions for Jackie About Belen Echandia Bags

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  1. Hi everyone! With the excitement over the Fall 08 Line and inspired by the RM Maven thread in the RM forum (I think that's what it's called), I was thinking we could make it easier to place our questions in one thread rather than having them spread over 3 different threads (the Lounge, Pictures + Chat, Fall 08 threads, etc). I know for sure I have questions and I'm trying to limit my emails to Jackie! Maybe one of us (JNH14? TropicalGal?) could be our liaison?

    I'll start. Should I be caring for my crash leather differently than my "regular" leather on my BE bags? I think there were only generic directions on the website.
  2. My question: Can we get the Hug Me in dark gray glossy leather?
  3. Are the messenger straps truly cross body length? They look thin...are they strong enough to stand up to cross body wear?
  4. Hi,

    I"m fairly certain that the crash leathers do not need to be protected like the other leathers do. The crash, has a coating on it already. But, I will confirm this again with Jackie and reply this week. Personally, I have not treated my crash and they are just wonderful. Actually, I haven't treated any of my BE leathers and they all look new. But, I am going to buy the Boston Cream that Jackie suggested one of these days.

    As for the dark grey glossy, Hug Me. I think that can be arranged on a bespoke order. But, I'm waiting to hear back from Jackie. I already asked that question for everyone. But, I"m thinking of trying the black glossy or the chocolate matte for this one.

    Good Question Tropical Gal re the messenger strap. I will take a better look at mine later today and let you know. Yes, they are thin, but when I tried it on, it was incredibly comfortable and I think partly that was due to how thin they are. My initial impression, the messenger straps would be just fine. But, I did try it on with my handbag being empty. I will fill my LMM with all my things and then wear the messenger strap this afternoon for you, before I give more of an opinion.

    Hope everyone has a great day!
  5. Can Jackie please compare the size difference of her new bags to her older bags? Like, is the Make Me Smile Midi a sister to the Love Me Midi and so on.

    Also, any modeling pics on the Hug Me or Makes Me smile would be a nice touch!

    Lovebags--dark grey glossy? keep me posted! I must say I am crossing my fingers that I HATE my RM Nikki/Night and then it will make it easier to lean toward the Black Glossy and maybe even the grey!
  6. Can someone ask Jackie for modeling pics of the bags? Also, shots of the interior would be greatly helpful as well. Thanks!!
  7. ^^ Yes I agree I would love to see modeling pics of all of the bag and pics of the inside of the bags.
  8. I would like to know what current bags will be still be available, in addition to the fall line.
  9. I want fuchsia to come back into production for the LMM :sad:
  10. I bought LM in Black Crash last week and e-mailed Ashley right away to find out if I should take any special care of crash leather (didn't receive the bag yet though). This was her reply:

    "If you spray the bag with any kind of water protectant spray from a distance it should be fine. Just try your best to not get it wet, and if it does get wet dry it right away. Jackie is going to put leather protecting tips on the website soon. Be sure to check back for it."

  11. Did we ever get measurements for the Make Me Smile (not the Midi but the regular)? The line sheets duplicated the MMS Midi but the text hinted that the MMS regular was about the size of the Love Me. Please include strap drop in the meaurements!
  12. Hi All, I have passed along the questions thus far to Jackie. I'll post what I hear back from her! :angel:
  13. Yeah, me too ~ with silver hardware!!!
  14. JNH, Thanks for asking for us! Here's my questions:

    When is the last day to put in pre-orders for fall line? Are the bags on the preorder form the only ones that will be available once A/W is officially launched?

    In other words, which of the S/S'08 bags will return and which ones will be discontinued?
    For instance, we're told Stroke Me's will no longer be made, and I read on the lounge that remaining LM & LMM's will be shipped to a Paris dept store.

    Does that mean she also won't have any more LM/LMMs for A/W?
  15. Yes, I believe the LM, LMM, SM and SMM styles might be getting phased out of Jackie's line.

    Those are my personal favorites, so, I would suggest to everyone, that you grab one of these that are in Jackie's stock right now because I have a feeling, once they are sold, they might not be returning again, at least not for a long time.

    I adore all of the above styles and luckily, theres still quite a few available at the moment. I can't believe I'm saying this, but, I'm almost tempted to get another chocolate LM to replace my current one in a few years when it's seen it's day.

    Do you believe how much I love these styles? I'm actually gettting nervous, that they are going out and I might not be able to replace them someday. Oh Dear!