questions for interning in NYC

  1. while I was visiting nyc last december, I met with some firms and I got an offer for a summer internship! I'm soo excited! I cannot wait! :yahoo: So now the big dilemma is where I am going to stay. The firm that accepted me is mid-size so they don't provide housing for their interns. I would really3 appreciate it if anyone has recs for where I can find a decent priced sublet in UES. I stayed in midtown when I was in nyc last december and we mostly went around UES so I'm sort of familiar with the place. I'm still a student so I'm in a tight budget although I think my mom is willing to pay at least half of my rent for the summer coz I don't want her to pay for all of it(yes I'm a good daughter :angel:) since my internship is gonna be a paid one. So my criteria is that the place should be in a safe neighborhood and near a subway. Would really3 appreciate any recs, tips, or leads on anyone who is subletting their place for the summer(June-August). Thank you so much in advance. :cutesy:
  2. Try craigslist, anyone I know who has found a great deal on a student's budget found their apartment there. You should also look into getting a roommate, but it may be difficult to find housing for the short period that you're staying - most leases are for the year. Good luck.
  3. I've been looking at craigslist but I think most of them are unfurnished? So I am looking at sublets since I am only gonna be there for the summer. Thanks though
  4. i would also keep looking at craigslist. people should start to know their summer plans in the coming weeks- like mid jan. so things should start to pop up. just try to be patient and something will come along. could be someone is looking for a room mate for the summer too.

    These are rentals, but the map gives you a breakdown of the different neighborhoods of manhattan
  5. If you're looking for a furnished sublet in manhatten, it's going to be fairly expensive, especially for the summer. A lot of them require that you rent for 4 months, since they divide the year into quarters, so you'll probably end up paying for the month of may if you want a decent apartment. An average sublet will probably be about $3000 a month, so $12,000 for the summer.
  6. has anyone heard of Is that site safe?
  7. oh wow i can't afford 3000, half of that maybe but not that much :crybaby:I actually read somewhere that it's cheaper for the summer coz a lot of people sublet so there's competition
  8. You can also check out There's an option on there where u can choose a furnished apt. Good luck! :smile:
  9. Check craigslist closer to June. A lot of people don't post until May-ish.
  10. Also you can possibly stay in NYU housing. You are early enough to get it, because they book quickly. That is what many people did that I know.

    I got an apartment off of craigslist when I interned in NYC!

    How exciting!!
  11. Keep checking craigslist, and I agree about the NYU housing, it's a lot cheaper than renting a sublet.
  12. I was actually looking at NYU housing and thought that it might be a good idea because it's cheaper and it might be a good place to meet new friends. I wonder if NYU students stay for the summer :confused1:

    Meg: Did you end up renting a furnished apartment from craigslist? and yes I am very excited. I loove NY!
  13. I have many success stories from renting both furnished and unfurnished, with or without roommates from but you should be checking it several times a day!
  14. I was wondering if one has to be an NYU student to live there? How does it work if Im not a student there? Thanks...
  15. You do NOT have to be an NYU student. Call and find out all the info, but I knew many people that did that.

    I rented a furnished apartment. It worked out perfectly. I had a roommate who also was interning with me. We lived on the Upper West Side. It was so much fun!