Questions for girls with side-swept bangs!

  1. Hello! :smile: I'm 90% sure I want to get longish side-swept bangs. I've had them before (2002-2004) but they were on the shorter side. This time, I'd like them to be long enough so that I can still do my side part and pin them to the side with a cute pin. My questions:

    1) How did longish side-swept bangs alter the appearance of your face? Did it make your face appear rounder, smaller, or bigger?

    2) My hair is thin and fine. By end of day, I know the bangs will start to look a little stringy and greasy. How do you de-grease bangs? Has anyone used Bumble and Bumble hair powder (a dry shampoo) to de-grease them?

    3) Are your side-swept bangs long enough to pin to the side? How does it look?

    Thanks so much!!
    Kristy :heart:
  2. 1) I thought the bangs made my face look rounder. They didn't flatter me, IMO.

    2) I also have fine thin hair and the bangs got greasy. I stopped applying any product to the bangs and only applied conditioner on my heads. This helped a lot. Also, the less I touched and fiddled with my bangs, the less oily there seemed to get.

    3) I was able to pin them to the side and loved it. I also pinned then back on top o f my head at the crown. Very cute.
  3. imo .. some sort of "bang" looks great on pretty much everyone. they just have to be the right bang for the persons face! i think there are few people in the world that actually don't need them. i think it softens a person's look. -- whether they are bang bangs .. or long side bangs.

    no touching! haha .. that will definitely make them greasy .. and less product the better =)

    when they are long enough to be able to pin them back .. it's always good .. fun to have options.

    but ultimately .. i talk a lot of my clients into some sort of "bang" .. very flattering on most -- and softens a person appearance! ..
  4. how do you get your bangs to stay to the side?! i have such a problem with that, they never want to stay put so they fall in my face a lot...
  5. I have the same problem. I think they just need to grow longer. My last hairdress botched my haircut and made them too short. They can drive me crazy, always in my face. I think I look better in bangs and like this style though. I don't have the problem w/greasiness though so thats a good thing.
  6. They definitely have to be of a certain length in order to sweep to the side.
    Also try to force them using a big brush and a blow dryer. They will stay there eventually.
  7. I have the same problem. I would love to get bags but am scared they won't look as nice as I want them to.

    Particularly, I love Ashley Olsen's bangs in 2004 (time flies!!)... I wonder how she "fixed" them? They seem to always stay in place... how lucky!

  8. I have a layered cut with side swept bangs, not sure if it made my longish face any rounder but it framed it nicely.

    I have to style them though (roll and blowdry) but they look nice (getting too long now so I'll need to make a trip to the salon)

    As for grease, I never experienced that and I usually would get greasy hair, but after my haircut it became rare.

    If they're long and unstyled and swept over they can look nice too, but fall a bit over the eyes too much and even face.

    Hairspray always kept them "stiff" and to the side after styling.
  9. I always wear side swept bangs for years now (I luv it). I do have fine hair, oily scalp and freezy after long sweat in the club. I also have round face, chubby cheeks, no cheekbones, flat nose but big eyes. It totally slims down my face. I tried to do all front bangs, like china doll...... it doesn't suit me. Makes my faces chubbier. Some girls look super cute and modelly look. Not me !!! I like it tho, very Tony n Guy look or Vidal. I do still have probs with my flat bags. I used mousse a lil bit or no mousse, it's still turn flat after an hour. I did body perm on it, still looks flat :sad: Nothing workssss !!!! Just live with it.

    Side bags flatter most of ppl any shapes of face. Don't be afraid. Bangs grow really fast. WHich is annoyin sometimes.
  10. Ohhh this thread popped up just when I needed it!

    I had side-swept bangs about 6 months ago but the stylist basically screwed them up and ugghh.. I wore a permanent ponytail for a while (thank god my hair grows fast!).
    I'm thinking about getting side-swept bangs but I want the type of bangs where when I wear my hair parted to the side they can be all sweepy across my face but when I wear my hair parted down the middle, they can nicely frame my face without looking too weird. KWIM lol?
  11. When I get a side-sweep done, I make sure my friend, a hair stylist, does it by "dry-texturing it". She basically does it when my bangs are pretty much dry and layers it. I find that bangs on anyone pretty much softens their face. Right now, I have full bangs. My friend gave me more bangs by starting my bangs up higher instead of just in front. It also gives the appearance of fuller , thicker hair, and a side sweep can easily be done too.

    If your hair tends to get greasy I was told not to massage too much hair conditioner near the scalp (waxiness of some conditioners turns greasy). Sometimes, I like to use plain baby powder in my hair to take some grease out, but make sure you don't put too much on or else it looks "grey in your hair, or don't use it too often or else your scalp will feel even more greasier when you don't use it. Something else you can do, use a couple of different conditioners. Change up your conditioners so that your not using just one -- sometimes your scalp get used to one brand and it loses its' effect.

    Yes, my side-sweep /bangs are long enough to pin to the side or put up in a bubble.
  12. Thanks for all the info and support, ladies! Jazzie -- AWESOME advice, thank you!

    Keep it comin', gals! :smile:
  13. I cut bangs about a year ago. THey're a little longer now than my avatar.

    I can keep them 'in place' pretty easily...I use some spray and then don't run my hands through, but I think mainly, when I use my blowdryer to dry and move them that way, that's what really helps. They fall a bit.

    I have a lot of hair, but it is fine. Never had a prob. w/greasy bangs though.

    I play w/the style a lot. I pull the bags on top and bobby pin them back and leave the rest of my hair down...that's good esp. for summer. I sweep them to the side and then use a headband.

    Lately, I've got them at a good length that I can wear them side swept or part them down the middle and wear them that way when I style my hair down and w/more volume. I'm loving that look right now. Like the blond gals under 'middle part'. (sorry such a big pic)[​IMG]

    And finally, I think the bangs make me look younger. So, I don't know if that's for everyone or just me....or if that's something that'd be ok for you now. (At 17, I personally wouldn't have wanted that...but's ok)
  14. I have side swept bangs, and I love them. They make my face look slimmer. Of course, they look better once they have grown out a bit but I usually put mousse or hair gel on it if I need it to stay put.
  15. I used to have sideswept bangs and I think they really framed my face well. I liked how the rest of my hair was broken up by them. I have very very thick and course hair so my hair tends to look bulky. This softened my look. I am always tempted to go back to bangs but was told never to cut my hair while pregnant. I shall shun the thought until afterwards.