questions for batignolles owners

  1. Hi, I'm new here and loved reading all the posts. Thinking of purchasing
    mono BH or BV (first LV ever!). I'm 5 foot 1 in and weighs 125 lb. I like the look of vertical but BH seems to be rather popular. I won't be able to see them in person and would like some input.

    1) if digging for stuff is not an issue, would you prefer BV?

    2) are the straps the same length for both? For some reason the straps on BV look shorter(?).

    3) are the straps comfortable?? Do they fall off easily? This is a MAJOR deciding factor. I cannot tolerate strap slippage. I don't want to use my hand constantly keeping straps on my shoulder.

    Thanks for any replies.

  2. Hi!!

    I can't help you actually... I'm in the same boat you are... short & still deciding!

    I just wanted to welcome you to tPF & I bet you'll get your real answers soon!
  3. Welcome!! :flowers: i am actually on my way to return BH - the outter strap won't stay on my shoulder :'(, but that's b/c i have those narrow shoulders, think 99% of pp who own it loves it, worth a try! If you order from Elux, it's actually free s&h and tax free if you dont live in CA/TN^^
  4. I have this BH and use it all the time. but the outer strap is always falling off my shoulder so annoying, but its my only LV bag that my little Chihuahua fits in so therefore I deal with its annoyance.
  5. I have the BH and I cross one strap over the other which really helps. But I have pretty broad shoulders so strap slippage is rarely ever an issue with me. Also, the more I have in the bag, the less likely the straps will slip.
  6. I have the BH. When I tried the BH and BV on, I noticed that the BV was harder for me to get on my shoulder than the BH, so perhaps its straps are shorter. Since you are petite, you probably could still get it on easily.
  7. I have the bh and I don't have any problem with the straps slipping off. I have the large bucket and the ph which constantly slip off my shoulder. So I guess it just depends on the style of the bag and how broad your shoulders are and how much you carry in it. The bh is wider therefore you can put a lot more inside.
  8. my mom is your height and she has a BV and honestly, it looks like its swallowing her. the BH i think would be better in terms of locating things in the bag.
  9. I love the BH, I think the BV looks awkward sometimes. And I don't notice the strap slipping off very often, it happens a lot less once the straps soften up.
  10. I got BV and I love it:love:
  11. I have the BH and I love it. No problems with straps slipping here. I tried the BH and BV before purchasing and the BV straps are definitely shorter. The BH is a roomy bag and I do find that I have to dig around for my stuff, but on the flip side, there's a lot of room for a ton of gorgeous LV accessories!
  12. i think you should get the bh, the bv is kinda tall, and looks like its hard to find stuff in.
  13. I'd get the BV... I think maybe it makes you look taller. I like it a lot better than the BH
  14. I just bought the BH. I am 5"3' and I went in planning on buying the BV (I liked it better when looking at in on Elux) But when I got there I liked the BH much better. So far no strap slipage but I have only used it once for a very short time.
  15. I have a BH and have no problem with the straps slipping off. It is very easy to get things in and of the BH.