Questions for all 2009 bag owners

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  1. After seeing so many beautiful pictures of various Bal bags, I went ahead and bought a 09 Fall/Winter Giant City Silver Hardware from Aloha Rag. I received the bag today... and to my disappointment I didn't experience that love at the first sight feeling everyone was talking about...

    I know depending on the year, or even types of bag, leather used can be very different by reading various threats in this forum, but I didn't take it to heart. It is ridiculously expensive to buy Bla bags here in Australia, so I ordered online, without really seeing and touching the leather. The bag looks more structured, is it because it is a GH bag, or is it because it is new and hasn't been broken in? The leather feels so dry on hand, is it normal? I have moisturizer for handbag, would it improve if I apply it on it?

    Could you girls also comment how your bags from 2009 wear after a while? Thanks in advance!

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    I have 09 PT GSH black and the leather was so stiff when I got it, now it hasn't been broken in completly (bought it in June). But the leather is so much softer than then. there are olso some parts of bag which feel dry, almost as if you're gonna chip off pices of leather when you touch it (I'm not sure if this is the best explanation). haven't used the leather conditioner yet but I'm thinking of giving it a try. Nevertheless, I love my dry and stiff bag to death, goes excellent with my rock chic :smile:
  3. I have a Galet GSH Work, bought it from HGBags, it was a consigned bag, it is extremely soft and buttery, I have no stiff leather issue at all. I assume with use it will soften up.
  4. The leather looks very good to me - I love the wrinkly distressed leather the best! It will definitely soften up with use. I have several 09s and have found the leather to be great on all of them.

    That said, if you are not entirely happy you should exchange it for another. Maybe you would prefer a color? Anthracite is very wearable and can take the place of black in most instances. You might be more wowed by the Anthra leather. 2010 Anthra is a great choice!
  5. It looks gorgeous! I have an 09 black city that has broken in quite nicely. The leather is soft and thick. Bals all need breaking in to wear in nicely.
  6. I have a black 2009 S/S GSH city that I thought was quite 'stiff' to start with but I have literally only worn it 7 or 8 times and it is going really soft and smoochy - I think the key is to use it! break it in!
  7. I ordered Black RH PT at bal online store and they sent me 09 F/W one. When i got the bag, looks very dry and i found one crack so I just returned it. I was going to put a leather conditioner but i just decided to get 2010.

    But your bag looks much much better than what i got.
  8. Thank you girls for sharing your thoughts!

    As Aksiominka described, the leather does look so dry that "almost as if you're gonna chip off pieces of leather when you touch it"... I guess that was what really concerned me the most, I would hate to see tinny pieces of leather coming off after a couple of wear. I know it is silly to feel such way, given the great reputation Bal bags have got. So it is a relief to know it is normal, and it will soften with wear.
  9. Wow! You got a well distressed leather that is the type of leather that most of us looking for & sometimes the decsion maker to buy. I say, u use her & brake her in & you'll see the difference. I think she's a keeper, if you want more gloss, you can use a Shine Restore from LMB, it really works.

  10. I had 4 09 bags now have 2

    My RH tempete city was ok. Was not a huge fan of the leather :Stiff feeling and not silky
    Granny RH City: Fluffy and soft, not very thick.
    Sold both

    Kept these two:
    My 09 RH Black City is amazing soft and thick-Not yet broken in but wonderful
    09 Raisin Twiggy: very distressed and keeps on getting better

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  11. The bags are stiffer at first, but will surely break in. Never had a bal bag that didn't break-in and get better with use.
  12. my 09 bags were indeed stiffer at first. bbags in general get better once they break in :biggrin:

    but is the leather the one that bothers you? or maybe the color combo?
  13. I have a 2009 anthracite and when I first got it I was scared it was a bit stiff and dry, but it really soften up, actually I was surprised.
    I think black and silver is pretty
  14. Oh my, your bag looks amazing and I just love how distressed it is! I am not fond of smoother Bal leathers, so your's looks beautiful to me!!

    It will definitley break in as it's used, but if you are not in love with it then maybe you should try a different bag. Or, try Loving My Bags Silk Serum-incredible product.

    Just my opinion, but your bag has wonderful leather :biggrin:
  15. I have a few 09's, both RH & GH and the leather on them are great. However on my 09 CP the leather is just like what you described it looks dry like it's going to flake off. I've been using my CP for about a month now and it looks better now than when I first got it but it still looks flaky if you look closely. I haven't conditioned it but I keep considering it. IMO if you don't love it off the bat I say send it back. For what Bbags cost you should not have to settle for something you only like. If you haven't already emailed AR you should and see if they have any more 09 SGH black citys or 10 SGH black citys. Let them know that the leather is flakey & dry looking they may be able to exchange it for another bag with leather you like.