QUESTIONS: East West bag, 2.55 v MEDIUM FLAP- please help! :)

  1. Hi~~*

    I want the East West..
    but I was wondering if anyone knows how much the East West is in Lambskin??
    cause I got the Caviar and it was 1395, I want to exchange~

    also. it's the black w/ silver hardware~
    do you know if they make it in black w/ gold hardware??

    I was wondering what the difference between the 2.55 & Medium Classic flaps were~ FROM WHAT I SAW: the Medium classic flap has more of the horizontal shape than the 2.55~ the 2.55 look more square-ish~ am i correct? (pls correct me if im wrong) and could i have the prices for those~?

    thank youu.
  2. Ayyyy.
  3. hi Juicy me !current prices of the 2.55(or reissue ,as we usuallly call it) are:
    225=1500 Euros /approx $2150
    226=1700 Euros/ " $2350
    227=1860 Euros/ " $

    The classic flaps come with the CC lock !
    I don't know how much an e/w bag costs but definitely not more than your caviar so I think you can easily get one,once you return it!:yes:
    FYI here's the link from the reference library where you can see many flaps of every shape and olour-on page 19 you can see the dimentions of classic flaps and reisssues (2.55)
  4. oops forgot to add the price of the 228 reissue !
    it's 2250 Euros approx $3150
    also the 227 should be about $2500 I think:yes:
  5. ^ thank u sooo much for ur reply~ it was really helpful~
    yes i looked thru the reference pictures thread but there are many that dont have the prices, boo~~
  6. You're welcome!:smile:
  7. Hi there! The E/W in lambskin is 1550!