Questions -- Cambon Tote

  1. I'm really loving the Cambon Totes and am thinking of getting one:graucho: . I'm wondering if there are any pockets inside. Also, what color is the lining on the black? Is it pink?
  2. I have the large black tote, and there are 2 zipped pockets on the inside. Also, the lining is hot pink.
  3. the black with the white CCs and beige with the black CCs and the pink are 30% off right now at Neiman's!
  4. In addition to the 2 zipped pockets in the large tote, there's 2 pen holders and a cell pocket.

    The medium toted doesn't have the cell pocket. Ok as a shoulder bag w/o wearing any coat/jacket.
  5. Savannah, which NM had the black with the white CC's? The problem with NM is I don't have one of their cards.
  6. Darn it! I just called a NM in my state and they said the Chanels are no longer on sale -- it was only yesterday.:cry:
  7. Thanks! Sounds like the large (which is what I want) is pretty good as far as pockets go.
  8. No problem Tammy518!

    I've had the medium tote for a few years (bl/bl) and just bought the large bl/patent bl a couple weeks ago. LOTs of room!
  9. Couple more questions...the Cambon line is calfskin, right, and pretty sturdy? Also, for those that have the large tote, would you mind giving me the dimensions?
  10. wahhh! i need to go!!! i want a black tote!
  11. I think it's calfskin coz it's not soft like the luxury line. Very sturdy...since I "throw" my bags, no look of wearing.

    I think the dims
    L17" x H 10" x W 6"
  12. Really? I didn't know it was that long!
  13. I know! I didn't think it was that long either.

    Does anyone have the dimensions for the medium tote?
  14. I'm almost sure that the large tote used to be 11 inches long. Did it change? I'm almost postitive they were authentic too....hmmm
  15. Maybe you're thinking of the Caviar tote. I'm thinking that's like 11 or 12 inches.