Questions and a Favor?

  1. While this is related to authenticity, could you leave it on the main board, Jill? Seems only Rosemary and I read the authenticity board and I'm curious to hear from the rest of the Prada junkies and they won't see it on that thread. Thanks! :tender:

    Because I have noticed that so few of we Prada freaks don't frequent the Authenticate This thread, I was curious about that. Certainly anyone that is uncomfortable about voicing an opinion about an item wouldn't want to comment on a bag and I understand that. I'm just wondering why else there seems a reluctance to comment.

    So many of us ended up here because of direct or indirect contact with fakes. I personally don't know Miu Miu bags, Prada wallets, or the nylon Prada line at all. It's scary to see something on line and wonder if its real. I enjoy helping out on that thread a lot and saving someone from a scammer, but I do know it can be a headache at times.

    So the favor: if any of you guys that feel OK voicing an opinion about authenticity, particularly with some of these bags I don't know, would you be willing to pop into that thread occasionally? Purty please? Consider it a community service for tPF and a contribution to ending fakes in the world!

  2. oh yes, we need more experts! :hysteric:

  3. I wish I knew more about Prada to give my expert advice...I'm still a Prada newbie :shame:, forgive me. Once I get the hang of things, I'd be more than happy to help out!
  4. Not even experts, Rosemary. Just people that know Prada, love Prada and can offer up an opinion or comment. I do NOT proclaim myself to be an expert by ANY stretch, but I've spent (probably too much) time researching, comparing (and of course BUYING) Prada. It's amazing what an education you can get on spotting the fakes, fake websites, etc. with just a little research. Because of that I'm happy to contribute when someone has a question. Equally, I keep my mouth shut on things I don't know.

    Really I think the most important thing in helping on that thread is letting people know you are in fact, only offering an opinion. Let's face it, it's ultimately up to we as buyers to know what we are getting. Or as they say "Let the buyer beware!"
  5. yep, you're right. i'm no expert myself but i try my best. ;)
  6. PP, I noticed that too -- and wondered if people just didn't look or didn't want to offer a definitive opinion. I know I posted about an eBay bag there when I first joined and never saw a response. I'm willing to be most people just don't want to give someone the wrong advice; that would be my fear. But I can always append "just my opinion".
  7. As a prada newbie, I have posted a few "help authenticate this" pictures in the last few days. Thanks to everyone but especially Prada Psycho and Rosemary for valuable opinions. It is a great service. Keep up the good work!! Much appreciated
  8. I hear what you're saying. I've been visiting the fendi thread more and learning about their fakes. I even posted a little "thank you" note to everyone that helps out. I appreciate everyone in every thread for helping out like this, there are so many questions in one day! Unfortunately I don't know much about Prada so that's my reason, but if I could ever learn to be an expert I'd definitely help out.:tup:
  9. I've given advice on that thread in the past but I'm not too sure these days. The Prada/Miu Miu Space outlet offers really great deals on bags and wallets so I'm sure some of these end up on eBay, and the fakes are really close to the reals in many aspects, so it's tricky.
    I wouldn't want to mistakenly tell someone a real bag is fake and have them miss out on a great deal, or vice-versa and recommend buying a fake because I thought it was real.
  10. ^^^That's the thing, BoyAboutTown, if someone comes to this board asking for authentication they need to understand that the final responsibility for buying or not is in their hands. I have no doubt that I've mis-called a bag or two because I'm not an expert. I do my very best to only give what I'm comfortable that is a true assessment of the item, but it's only an educated guess on some things and I'll usually say that in my reply. Also, some things that point out fakes to us are so obvious it's like a neon light, but if you are just getting into Prada, you wouldn't know it.

    Frankly I'd rather make the mistake of calling a real bag a fake than a fake bag real. Anyone that has read posts here from people that have gotten fake bags know that sick in the pit of your stomach feeling when they realize the mistake they have made. I'd rather risk someone missing a good buy than have that happen to them.
  11. I have to admit I dont frequent that thread as much.The fakes are out of hand...and VERY close to the real thing.I hesitate to comment as well...BECAUSE I would hate to call a bag a fake when it isnt.I only comment there if I am 100 % sure(Like if Prada is spelled wrong??LOL!)