Questions about YSL Y-bow shoes

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  1. Hi, I'm new here, so my questions might seem very silly to some of you girls.

    I just fell in love with the y-bow platform sandals and understand that ysl doesn't have these shoes anymore (right?). So, I just wanna know where can I find these shoes and what colors do these shoes come in?

    I saw some in ebay but not sure about the size though, I usually wear size 39-40 and I heard that ysl run true to size (I wear a 39.5 chloe wedge), so should I go for the 39.5? Can I fit in a 39?

    I see that there are 2 styles for the y-bow, but I'm wondering if the one WITHOUT the ankle strap slip out from your feet when you walk or not (well, if you understand what I mean) because I really like the one with the strap but I love the beige color more than brown though. hmmmm which one should I choose?

    Any modeling pics?
  2. ebay is one source, or else, try calling the YSL woodbury outlet store to see if they have the bow shoes...i went a few weeks ago and recall they carry past season's stuff.

    as for the ankle strap vs. the slingback, i personally have ankles that never do well with slingbacks or d'orsay type shoes b/c they're always falling off and that annoys me to no end, so i wouldn't get the slingback. however, if you don't have this problem at all, then go for the color you like better.
  3. i found mine on eBay maybe 6 months ago from one of those edropoff sellers. I love them! I found the bow bag when it was on sale and I started looking for the shoes.
    I'm not sure on the sizing because mine are 37.5 and I'm normally a 36.5-37. They are a bit big in the straps and I can slip it off without unbuckling it. But I bought it knowing it would be big, I just wanted them so much! Haha
  4. ^^^ Those are a teeny bit big but they look just great on you!! So pretty that you wouldn't notice the size unless you pointed it out!!:love::tup:
  5. Those heels look fantastic on you! :smile:
  6. thanks!
    i love the bow!