Questions about Vintage Fendi find!

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  1. #1 Jul 7, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2016
    Hello lovely ladies at TPF. First time posting a thread!

    I was very lucky to score this vintage Fendi briefcase at my local Goodwill store ($24.99 can you believe it?).
    Upon scathing the internet it seems to be circa 1970 (,

    1. With its age it does have some small nicks here and there in the PVC/Leather edging. How does one tidy those up? (Pictured below)

    2. Once opened, the briefcase has a musty "old" smell, similar to that of your parents damp basement. Is there something I can put inside to clear that smell?

    3. There is a small sticky spot on the fabric siding (not pictured). I tried water and a paper towel gently to buff it out but it seems fairly sticky. Any suggestions? Would also like to give it a quick clean in general.

    IMG_3322.JPG IMG_3323.JPG IMG_3324.JPG
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  2. Update: Wiped and got rid of odour.

    Still not sure how to fix the small marks in the PVC / Leather and get sticky mark out
  3. Hi Doughnut! :welcome2: I'm not great with leather repair on vintage bags but quite a few of the ladies in the Secondhand Bargains thread in the General Shopping forum are genius with their rehab ideas!
  4. Thank you! I will head that way.
  5. Hi everyone!!! Just had my Vintage Fendi authenticated by this amazing group. I've noticed that where the handle meets the small strip of leather on the zipper it's wearing off due to the handle there something I can put on it or treat the four spots that the leather has worn off? Pictures attached..looks like a poor design..:sad: but still in love with this bag. IMG_4761.JPG IMG_4762.JPG IMG_4762.JPG IMG_4763.JPG
  6. Congrats Doughnut, a great find at a great price! I love vintage Fendi, esp their pequin designs. Just wanted to say I've noticed a lot of edging problems in my vintage fendi bags. It tends to get sticky/tacky, especially during a hot and humid summer, and then will stick to whatever is touching it. When you pull it apart, the edging comes off. I've been putting acid free tissue around handles and anything that flops down to try to avoid this. So I'd be wary of touching up on it too much. I think it's in fantastic condition for its age! It's a briefcase, signs of use don't take away from it's appeal IMHO.
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