questions about vernis- need help!!

  1. I want to buy a vernis piece- I'm thinking the cles or ludlow. Which one would you recommend to get?

    What colors are available in stores now?? (I want the pomme)

    Does the vernis hold up well with use?

    sorry for all the questions! TIA!
  2. I have a ludlow, its kinda small (I only keep, my Drivers License, two charge cards, and a few dollar bills in there), I really only use it for essentials when I go out. And just have recently started using it on a regular basis without the lexington. So far its withstood my abuse :smile:. - but I am extra careful.
  3. I have a few vernis ludlows and i love them. They are functional. As for the cles, i think they dont hold as much as other canvas cles would. Im all about things being functional :smile:
  4. I have a cles and a ludlow - depends what function you would like it to perfrom
  5. Do you put it in your purse just rattling around with everything else, or do you keep it in it's dustbag? I'm contemplating a vernis agenda, but I don't know if it will be too much work!
  6. i got my first vernis cles last month and was just a little bit disapointed. it doesnt fit as much as the mono canvas ones but it is pretty. iv got it hanging off my speedy with my library card and travel passes in and the colour POPS (its pomme)
  7. hmmm...what about the flat pouch? I don't even know if they are still available to buy??
  8. I have both. I use the ludlow to carry a few cards and change. The cles I haven't used yet. I tried to use it but it doesn't hold much. But I like the color (framboise) so I could use it as a charm or for just change.
  9. I have the Cles in Perle! Its been about more than a year since I have it - I use it everyday. I throw it around in my bag without the dustbag or anything.

    It still holds up great, just that there are colour transfers (from the red interior of my Multicolour Pochette and brown interiors of my Gucci bags) at the sides of my Cles. But I heard that the darker colour Vernis pieces like the Pomme or Amarante isn't prone to colour transfers.

    I still love it though. It doesn't fit as much as the Canvas Cles but I can slot about 5 cards and a couple of bills folded with coins! (I think it still has room for more)

    Hope this helps. :smile:
  10. I had a fuchsia cles and it got some color transfer. You just have to be careful at where you place it.
  11. I have a pomme cles that I use everyday, its attached to my keys, and it still looks great :smile:
    I'm sure you'll enjoy yours :smile:
  12. Thus far I have two vernis cles (one pomme, one pearle) and they have held up very well. I haven't had any heat transfer issues(and so far have had 90 degree plus weather) and no scratches or anything. I primarily use mine as coin pouches. If there's a clip inside the bag i'm using I'll clip it to there. I prefer not to clip mine to the outside of my bags in fear of them opening up or snagging on something. I would def recommend one though. I'm so addicted I want many more colors. The ones that are primarly in stores right now are the pearle and the beige color. Pomme is on it's way out the door and at least in the US so far there are no framboise. Also the indigo was discontinued a while ago in the US and there are none anywhere in boutiques. Hope that helps!