Questions about Trigger features & authenticity

  1. Is this Trigger authentic? I posted in the authenticate subforum too, but thought I might get more responses this way. I just bought my first Trigger on eBay. Here are some details: The leather seems good, according to the authenticity card it's calfskin. Which, the seller had it listed as lambskin, so that's a little disappointing. It's not as soft as my lambskin Ava but it's pretty soft. The lining is a lot different than on the newer bags though, it's a lot stiffer & more nylon-y. The Botkier logo printing on the lining isn't diagonal, it's straight across. Also, there is only one zip pocket inside the main compartment, and the zipper on it is just a black plastic one. Shouldn't it be a metal zipper with the Botkier logo on it? The cell phone pocket and key chain are inside the front section, which seemed weird to me, I was expecting that stuff to be in the middle compartment. I know Botkier changed the design details of the Trigger from year to year, so maybe that's perfectly legit, or maybe all Triggers are like that. The outside zippers do have YKK and the clasp on the bottom strap has Botkier on it.
    Here's a link to the auction:

    And here's a link to photos I took of the bag:

    Thank you so much everyone!
  2. Ok I just noticed something else too -- the tassels are unfinished on one side. So one side is the same black leather as the bag, and the other side is grey with a more suede-ish texture.