questions about timepieces

  1. hey, guys. just wondering when LV started their timepieces? which year? and what were the first models? is speedy travel a fairly new model?

    hope anyone can tell me more about this information. thanks!
  2. I think the watch line started in 2003 or 2004 and the first one being the tambour. Since LVMH also owns Tag Heuer, I think the watches are made in the same factory. I have the lovely pink watch and it's great!
  3. They are making tambour line since 2002. They introduced Speedy models about two years ago:confused1: I remember that speedy travel was main model then
  4. My uncle thinks TIMEX makes the watches he says Timex is owned by LVMH, I thought the watches have zenith movement (what my SA told me)
  5. I just saw ALL the new watches! hold on to your pants because mine almost came off haha! they are HOTTTT