Questions about the Work...Please reply :-)

  1. I would like to know if the Work style comes with a shoulder strap? I am about to buy one that doesn't have a shoulder strap. I am 99% sure they never came with shoulder straps, but I need to be sure of this.

    Could you use this bag as an overnighter? Is it big enough?

    Thanks always,
  2. the work does not come with a shoulder strap like the city does.
    but with time the handle stretches enough for it to carry on the just have to break it in.

    i'm looking for a work too.
    what color are you purchasing ?
  3. When You say work is that the office bag?
  4. A grey one. I am looking at it for an overnight bag - you know...PJ's, undies, toiletries etc. Do you think it's big enough for that? When I am not using it as an o/nighter, I'll use it as a nappy bag when I'm out with the kids. I know "nappy bag" sounds bad, please don't think I'll be putting grubby shoes & leaking bottles in it!!! No way!

  5. Yes, the Work is also called the Office.

  6. yea, definitely! If people usually carry their laptops,files,books, and folders in their work bags i don't see why you can't use it as an overnight bag. I'm certain it'll fit all that!

    But if you really want an overnight bag...i'd recommend a weekender because that's basically what that style is for! Plus it'd be great to carry along with you when your toting along the kids.:supacool:
  7. You may also want to consider the Courier with kids as it is hands free fabulousness!
  8. If you go to Celebrity and their BBAGS you can find pictures of Lindsay Lohan and JLO using the Work style. I know JLo has a black one and Lindsay has an array of colors.
  9. kitegirl I've used it as an overnight bag and I think it's big enough to fit all the things you mentioned :yes:
  10. I too am looking for the right overnight bag lately... The thing is I'm torn between the Work bbag and oversized muse... I've tried the muse and it looks ok but I still need to see the Work... I'm more leant about buying the Work though... :girlsigh:
  11. I love my work bag. I would get the weekender if you want to put more stuff in it. The work will not fit that much overnight stuff.