Questions about the white chiffon stam

  1. Hi all,
    As some of you know, I have constantly changed my mind about what colour stam to get (black or white chiffon). I am now in a position where I am considering getting both (yay!) and I am prepared to wait and see the S/S 07 stams before getting the black as I am hoping that the white tonal stitching will be done away with!
    Anyways, Can anyone who owns or has seen the white chiffon in real life please tell me if the colour is more of a creamier colour or a bright white? I have seen pictures but I dont think this always gives a true reflection of the colour.I am also getting the new quilted chloe bay bag next month and so I dont want too many bags of the same colour. Any opinions on this would be much appreciated as I want to order my bag as soon as possible!
    Thanks lots in advance! :heart:
  2. White chiffon is definitely not a bright white. It's very creamy, with yellowish undertones. Don't get me wrong, it's certainly not yellow, but it has some yellow depth to it. Make sense??
  3. I have just ordered it from NAP. I cannot wait for it to arrive now so that I can study it in person. xx
  4. Oh wow, congrats! Tell us how it goes... I've heard too that white chiffon has yellow undertones.
  5. congrats on your bag.
    please post pics when you got it. I'm really curious myself about this bag. :smile:
  6. Congrats! White Chiffon is such a pretty color!
  7. My stam arrived but I'm not quite feeling it. It is more of a yellow toned white which I'm not keen on after seeing it in real life. I'm going to send it back and await the s/s black stam which hopefully wont have the white stitching on it!

  8. could you post pics before sending it back? i was wondering how it looks in reality.
  9. ^^ Will post pics in a couple of days. I don't get my camera back till tuesday (I stupidly lent it out!) but I will be in hospital for a day or so, so I will do them when I can and put them up before I send the stam back. I was annoyed that some of the harware was scratched on the bag too. Namely the clasp and the zip pull on the front pocket. xx

    At least I now know that I definitely want a stam. It is such a gorgeous bag!