Questions about the Turner & the colour Teal

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  1. I am new to the brand & have not felt or see a Treesje IRL yet. I do love all the pics I see around here. I am highly attracted to the squishyness of the Turner from pics in the reference section here. It looks relatively large so do you use it more as an overnighter, carry on in planes, for school or is it just an everyday bag? I am interested in the Black coz I just love the gunmetal HW on it.

    Teal - For RM fans, is this similar to RM Turquoise? I have seen la6's Mini Mag in Teal & I love how blue it looks mostly. Is it an easy colour to wear with jeans? Also I wear a lot of jewel toned colours like fuchsia, purple, royal blue & I worry Teal will be a hard colour to wear. I also don't wear Teal clothes save for a cardigan.

  2. I have the Turner in Mocha. It is a large size bag, smaller than the Marley, I can take pictures later, of size etc. I like it because I can wear it in so many ways. It is also a bag that you do not have to overstuff to keep its shape or anything like that. This is what I have in mine right now: a MAC makeup bag, a Coach wristlet, an Treesje Axel bag that I keep pens and personals in, my keys and cell phone, that is it! I have worn it to drop my kids off, and to go to school with.

    I am not a teal person either, but I just bought a LP in Teal. It is one of those colors that you do not have to wear teal with. I think any neutral, earthy tones go well with teal(brown, white, black, purple). I am not sure how the teal of a Treesje looks IRL, but I can tell you that I have not been disappointed at all by Treesje and I am sure the teal is gorgeous!

  3. I have a teal mini magnolia and used have RM teal- RM teal has much more green than Treesje's and much more brighter. Treesje's teal is darker & muted and I pretty much wear it with everything- white, black, blue whatever....- I think it is a navy tone (but lighter) I don't think it is a hard color to wear at all.
  4. Ok, first time trying to post photos on here, so bear with me. My computer crashed 3 times while trying to love windows!! Anyway, the first picture is of the Turner stuffed, with my Dell Mini (yes the one that crashed) right in front of it, for size comparison. Looks like it would fit, if I needed to take it with me.

    The second one is of all the contents taken out. Bag still stands up on its own.

    Last, is the inside shot of the bag restuffed. This bag still has a ton more room, and it does not look over or under stuffed. I think it is a perfect size bag for everyone.

    I would have done some modeling shots...but not really dressed for

    If you are unsure of the teal, have you seen the Electric Blue in the Turner? It also has gunmetal hardware, IMO I think it is gorgeous!!! :drool:
    Luna Boston carries it!
  5. Thank you for the pictures, I've been drooling over the EB Turner and am thinking it may be my first Treesje (unless that EB w/GM Asher gets made). I'd love to see modeling pics if you are able to take any soon. :biggrin: I'll go search for more, too. Thanks again!
  6. I will try and post them later tonight. The reason my computer crashed before is because I got a virus from either this site or photobucket. It bypassed my avast antivirus and got me good. I am using my old laptop that I gave to my 4 year old. So as soon as hubby gets the other one fixed, and I get some better clothes on, then my play clothes, I will post some.
  7. jakesmom723, Thank you for your GORGEOUS pics. Now I am loving that Mocha too. I thought I would prefer the Turner in squashy leather like I am not sure. I have seen the EB but I am getting an EB in another style so trying to branch out a lil. Besides I am OD on blues coz all I have now seems to be blue bags. Do your Mocha Turner slouch a whole lot when you carry it?

    pigalle74, Thanks! Did you have RM Turquoise by any chance? I thought it might be more similar. Any thoughts on the colour comparison with that?
  8. I went to the ref section of RM to pull this picture. I thought Teal might be similar to this. Deep Turquoise. Anyone has both or seen both can tell if they are?

  9. pink, I did have a DT Nikki one time- but I don't quite remember what the color was like. I would say Treesje Teal is closer to RM DT than RM Teal- but I still think DT was more of brighter blue- my pic below is a bit grainy, but I think the color is pretty accurate.

  10. Thanks pigalle74! Now I see how Teal can be worn ALL the time. It looks like a really nice POP of neutral. You look really good with your Mini Mag.
  11. The Viola Turner is also totally gorgeous if you are unsure of the Teal:smile:
  12. Hi PB! I agree with what everyone else has said with regards to color. As for size, it's the same size as the avalon, which you are familiar with. Probably not large enough to use as a weekender, but maybe for travel. I like large bags so I see it as an everyday bag.
  13. jc, Hi! I guess Avalon holds its shape better over the Turner. Like you, I like large bags as everyday bags too. I just want to gauge the largeness of it from what others think.