Questions about the Shoulder

  1. I haven't seen one IRL, but from what I see in photos, the hardware is smaller than the regular hardware on other bbags, is that right? And the mirror looks smaller too.

    Also, is it just about half the size of the first (like the size of a LV pochette or something along those lines?)

  2. It's something more than a half of a first... I'm posting a picture of some of my B.bags, where you'll see the shoulder next to a marron first.
    Yes, hardware and mirror are smaller.

    Hope it helps!
  3. I would say along the lines of the LV...Ill post a picture carrying mine.
  4. Isnt it the exact size of a makeup but with a strap attached?
  5. [​IMG]

    Heres a picture me carrying shoulder. I love the size. I also carry it as a clutch / wristlet.