questions about the red classic flap

  1. I called 800 number, and asked about the red classic flap. The representative gave me the style number of A28600Y01588 color code: 81448 (not 81643). Do you know what this red looks like? She said she would let one SA from boutique call me in 24 hours.
  2. You can check the "Chanel Reference Library" I believe the second posting is pictures of the Classic Flap.
  3. thanks a lot. I know what classic flap looks like. just want to see if there is anyone who knows the color looks like.
  4. Here is the information I have for the Red Classic Flaps:

    Jumbo A35192 Y01588 (color: 81643)

    East West A35191 Y01588 (same color code)

    Medium A35190 Y01588 (same color code)
  5. This is the style number for the older version, with older chain w/interwoven leather.
  6. oh, thanks a lot. Do you know what kind red the older version is?>
  7. No, I'm sorry I do not. But try searching the Chanel subforum for Red Classic - I know we have a few members with the older red and maybe including pics.
  8. Smooth: thanks for the serial numbers! Do you know if the E/W has the same new chain as the other ones? Also, are these codes for the lambskin or caviar? Thanks so much!
  9. Yes, same new chain. I do not know what numbers would indicate lambskin vs. caviar. I have that question myself, but have yet to ask a sales associate about it.