Questions about the Platino Ossidato Cabat

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  1. Like many of us lately, I have cabat fever!!! I was very impressed with foxie-pooh's pics and descriptions. I do not know if this is the one, but I am exploring options, so I have a few questions.

    I am thinking of the medium cabat:
    How heavy is it? More than 2.5#?
    How metallic is it IRL? Is it reflective like some metallics? Is the color close to ottone with regard to the golden-ness?
    Do the sides fold in?
    How do you contain you belongings??? purse liner, or loose?
    If there is anything else that I should consider?

  2. I can only speak of the large, but to answer your questions
    1. It's pretty similar to the weight of a 35cm birkin in clemencee
    2. It is reflective under light, but it's rather rustic and vintagy. Ottone is more champagne, while the po is brassier and more armor-like
    3. Yes, it's soft calf, and the sides fold in and stay in
    4. I let it run loose
    5. Not much I could think of lol...

    Hope this helps!
  3. I have never seen this IRL, but I love it more each time I see the pictures of it. Yes Baggiana, I think we all have Cabat fever. LOL

    Foxie - do you use your large for everyday use or for work?
  4. Platino Ossidato is gorgeous. Gold/black feel, more than Platinum, IRL. JMHO.