Questions about the Noe

  1. The Noe never really appealed to me until I joined this forum - I've since decided that it's adorable! I'm thinking of getting an Epi Petit Noe. For those of you who have the Noe - is it comfortable to wear? Is it easy to get in and out of? Is it a pain to un-tie and re-tie the drawstring? Anything else you can tell me about it - good or bad? Thanks!
  2. Irene has a whole gang of them. LOL.
  3. Actually, I think she sold them to fund new purchases...that's what she said, anyway... I have the large Noe and love it! No, not hard to get in and out of, but there are no compartments for anything inside, except a D-ring, so that could bother some people, but not for me on the days I wear it. I have Mandarin Epi, but also want the Azure large noe, think the petite MC's are fab. Good luck! I think everyone who has the regular petite's love them, don't think they have pockets or anything inside either, but I know mine is lined with gorgeous regrets on Noe...

  4. PLEASE tell me Irene DID NOT sell her fab noe collection.:wtf:
  5. Thanks! That's very helpful!

    I think you're right about Irene. I seem to recall her saying that she sold them all but 1.
  6. Are you kidding me?!:nuts: I wouldn't sell them all!!! I've only let go four and chose to keep two: large epi Noe and one mono Petit Noe!!!:nuts: I LOVE my Noes!!! Great every day bag!!! I never tie my strings (only if I am in a busy shopping mall, etc.). It fits a ton and looks FANTASTIC with EVERYTHING!!!:love: :wlae:
  7. hmm....i dont like noe much.i only think that noe from MC line's cute!
  8. Irene, did you keep the one from your sister in law, blue as I recall????:confused1:

    haha, thanks for keeping us straight and in line, hell. I was close...:shame:
  9. Oh oops. You kept petit mono, guess blue one went out the hey, you are one smart cookie to invest in the rare bags, those things are gonna be worth some $$$ with all the price hikes, not that $$ matters to us passionate lvers....
  10. Is it possible to wear the large Noe across the body???
    I think this bag in the beginning was more like a unisex bag?? what do u think now?? is it only women?
  11. me, too! i've started liking so many things since joining tPF...
  12. I initially liked the look of the Noe, had one in black Epi and mono... The bag would not stay up on my shoulder... It was horrible. Not to mention the drawstring issue... Needless to say I got rid of both of those bags. I still like the way they look but they just aren't for me.
  13. Yes! I wear my bag across the body, like a messenger and it's very comfortable
  14. I have the MC Noe and love it! Very comfortable shoulder bag! I wouldn't wear across messenger style,but I have the large one! :yes:
  15. I have the large monogram Noe from like 5 years ago...I haven't worn it in that I've discovered other bags like Kooba and Fiore, I find that the shoulder strap isn't as comfortable on the LV. It's a bit thinner...The string was a bit of a pain to me and I would sell it but since it was a birthday present from my hubby, he really wants me to keep it for "memory sake". Whatever - I can appreciate a good bag, but I've long since moved on since LV was copied by every fake Tom Dick and Harry in the world. Like all things on this forum it's all a matter of opinion - given in good-heartedness and not for meanness. I'm just not the big fan of LV.:shame: