Questions about the Neverfull??

  1. Hi,

    I know to some of the LV addicts these may be silly questions but I knew this is where I could get the answers, so here it goes :p

    Is the Neverfull a limited addition bag?

    Is it good for a carry on for an airplane?

    What does GM, MM & PM stand for? Are these just different sizes?

    Thanks for your help, this seems like a great handbag for travel....
  2. Is the Neverfull a limited addition bag? No its regular stock

    Is it good for a carry on for an airplane? Yes I think the gm would be great.

    What does GM, MM & PM stand for? Are these just different sizes? Yes, Large . meduim and small
  3. Hi there! yes, its a fabulous bag for travel or actually for anything else - sooooo durable, it was tested to hold 231 lbs. --- i have no idea how they arrived at that number, but believe me, i have carried mine (the MM) thru 5 airports the last few months in different trips, stuffed with hardcover books, all my normal stuff, snacks, water bottles, and i never had to worry about if it would rip, the handle stitching would come undone, etc. Bag emerged in perfect shape after each trip................i must say, it is my most "worry-free" designer bag and i have all the top ones, including 12 Chanels (not as well made as LV..but thats for another thread :p) . PM is the smallest, MM is midsized, and GM is the biggest. Those designations refer to not only the Neverfull but also other LV styles. in some lines the PM, for example, is very small, but in other lines, it is very roomy (in Neverfull, PM size is like what a medium bag would be in another line). as for limited edition, i dont know, am sure a more experienced LVer can tell you!! :yes:
  4. I think the GM would be great for travel.
  5. yep, i agree that the gm would be a good travel bag!
  6. The GM would be great for travel ... I have it and use it for my widescreen laptop that I take to work. It's huge and quite roomy!
  7. You girls are great! My LV experts :tup:....

    The GM it is! it sounds like just what I am looking for ....

    That perfect worry free, strong, stylish travel bag.

    It's such a necessity! But aren't they all!...:p
  8. The regular mono neverfull is a permanent bag. But, the neverfull MOCA is a limited edition one.
  9. MOCA?? I don't think I've seen that one....Does that stand for something? Please tell me which one that is...
  10. Neverfull is not a limited edition bag except the ones that are sold at the Murakami exhibit in LA. The GM stands for large, MM for medium and PM for small. I think the MM is the best size out of all the three and it is a great bag for travel. I have the MM and I use it every day. It is wonderful.

  11. MOCA is a museum in Los Angeles that is selling a limited edition neverfull. There are lots of photos of them here in the LV forum.
  12. MOCA - Museum Of Contemporary Arts