Questions about the Miroir Lockit

  1. Was the Miroir Lockit LE? How much was it? How does this finish wear, does it get scratched up? Is it leather coated with something? Is it still available?

  2. yes, lockit is LE. it retails $1650. it isn't leather, it's PVC. And it's actually pretty durable, just dont rub it against concret (or something abrasive) and it'll be fine. As for being available, try calling around, maybe some boutiques might still have it
  3. the body of the bag will be fine but the bottom is smooth so may show wearing a little more but they are still pretty resilient
  4. I tried calling the boutique here in LA and they said their boutique is currently sold out of the bag, I had to add my name onto the waitlist.

    I was looking at this eBay auction ( and this user claims that the Miroir collection was completely sold out immediately is that true?

    Also has anyone seen the Miroir Lockit in person, how's it look?

    Thanks a bunch!
  5. ^ A few of us on here own it,
    If you do a search you will find a few more pictures.
    It's stunning,
    I have the Silver and i Love it.