Questions about the MC Pouchette Accessoires

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  1. My parents are going on a trip to Paris and I had asked my mom to pick up the MC Pouchette Accessoires for me. (YAY!!)

    My questions are:

    1. Does anyone know how much it costs?

    2. Does anyone know where it's made? (I heard from a few friends that the LV's purchased in Canada are sometimes made in US and some are made in France/Italy, but the ones purchased in Paris are all made in France) - Can anyone confirm?

    Thanks a million!!
  2. In USD, its $590.00

    It varies.......some are made in Spain, some are made in the USA, some are made in France, and some are made in Italy.........
  3. If you go to the LV website, select FRANCE as the country, it will give you the price in euros. Then I go to www.xe .com and do the euro --> $ conversion. Either way, you will save $$$ in Paris, more if you file for VAT returns. If some strange reason you get an LV not made in France(totally doubt that will happen), while in Paris, you can request they find one for you with the France label. Personally, I won't buy an LV with USA label inside.
    Hope this helps.