questions about the lockit

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  1. when the lockit first came out, i didn't think much of it but now it's growing on me!!! i saw a lady carrying it today and that bag is so elegant and classy! i love it!

    however, what i need is a shoulder bag - can the lockit fit comfortably over the shoulder or is it not meant to be a shoulder bag? i like the BV too but i find it a bit too big.

    also, i am in my early 20s. somehow, i feel like the lockit is more for mature women? i'm not sure though. what do you guys think?
  2. the lockit H will fit over your shoulder.

    here are few pic's of members

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  3. thanks for the pics (:
    i did do a search in the visual aids thread for pics of the lockit and i saw the lockit H as well. but what i really like is the lockit (and the lady i saw carrying it today carried it over her shoulder) so i was wondering if the lockit is meant to be carried over the shoulder?
  4. I think I must be the only one that doesn't like the rolled handles on the shoulders. Even when they fit...I don't think it looks or feels right.

    To me rolled handles = hand held. :shrugs:
  5. I looooooove the LH...i can't express enough words how much I want it!! (after I buy my aZur)! when I tried it on the rolled handles didn't bother me...i think they're awesome!
  6. actually i think the lockit horizontal has a trendy/"now" shape. at first, i thought the lockit horizontal was actually more for younger women, but then i saw an older woman try it on in the store. the only things that are stopping me from getting the lockit horizontal is that i'm worried that the rolled shoulder straps will hurt and not be comfortable AND in real life, it has saggy sides, which i'm not sure if i like or not.
  7. hope this helps,

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  8. thanks bag the first pic is mine:yahoo: love the of my rolled handles does fall from time to time but, I love the LH it is a great bag...go for it...excellent shoulder bag that fits is one of my fav's

    p.s. it looks good on all is timeless and ageless IMO that is why it is worth investing in....
  9. does not hurt the shoulders at all....and the shape on mine is perfect no it...only one handle does fall from time to time if you have narrow of small shoulders....
  10. My friend has one, she fits it fine.