Questions about the Lion Keyfob!!!

  1. Being a Phi Mu alum, I have to have this keyfob!! When will it be on the website? Or do I need to go ahead and call a store? Thanks!!
  2. I think you can call JAX and order one now...I believe a member has posted pics of it already!
  3. IDK when it'll be on the website but it is available now. Go ahead and go to the store if you're nearby one or call if they do phone orders. Just tell them that you want to order the lion keyfob, style no. 92117, retails for $38.
  4. It's sooooooooooooooo ADORABLE...mine just came in yesterday! YOU have to get it!!! Call your boutique and order it~! It IS in the new catalogue...but not on the website yet~
  5. Order it now through a store and ask for PCE.
    It comes out to like 28 bucks or so and he is supppper cute.
  6. i LOVE mine! It's on my Whiskey Ali. It's got a cute furry mane!!