Questions about the keepall 45

  1. Does it fit in the overhead compartment? I would hate to spend so much money on it and then have to see it tossed around under the plane.
  2. yes this size will go in the overhead compartment. Whenever I travel I bring my keepall 55 and it fits. so you should have no problems.
  3. yep! :yes: It does fit
  4. Yes, even 50 will fit too :smile:
  5. i have both and the 50 with strap is the best of the 2
  6. I think the only size that is supposed to be too large to carry on a plane is the keepall 60... but I have this bag and it is squishy so it fits and I've never had anyone give me any trouble about taking on a bag that big.

    Personally, the 45 is something I own in multiples because it is the only one the cute cute patterns come in- BUT the size is useless. (Didn't stop me from buying both black and white multicolore and cerises as well as brown mono tho! lol)

    My hubby can't even fit his gym clothes in it and I can't fit a single night of overnight items without having to leave it unzipped with stuff hanging out the top. lol
    The 45 brown mono bandouliere I have is almost four years old and has barely started to patina since it's rarely been used.

    I'd buy a larger size since it's such a large purchase investment and the price difference is rather small compared to how much more use you will get out of a bigger bag. Go for the shoulder strap ones or you will regret it!
  7. I have a black mc 45 and a monogram 50 with strap! LOVE them both! I can work totally fine wit a 45, I have no problems lol and I feel like I pack a lot! lol
  8. So for a two-night three-day weekend, a 50 would be enough? (no extra bags for makeup, shoes etc.) Or would I need a 55?
  9. I could get away with a 50 but do u think the extra 2 inchs in length and 1inch in height are going to make a difference?
  10. I personally use a 60 for two nights. I hate to pack stuff tightly cause I worry about zippers over time. A 50 would be a one night bag for me.
  11. The 45 and 50 are great carryon sizes- I have a Burberry keepall-style duffle that's comparable to a 55 or 60 and it's just too big. I still use it, but it gets freakin HEAVY! :push:
  12. my SA taught me how to work with a 50/45. You have to know how to pack he says, I said oookay? He told me you need to roll your shirts if they can be rolled like tees, sweaters, ect. and little tips to help save room
  13. :yes: Sure can. The 55 can fit in the overhead as long as it's not stuffed completely. I have a 50 with strap and it fits just fine.
  14. It does get heavy.
    I found I quick carrying mine, just because it was too cumbersome to lug around the airport :O
  15. I definitely need to sit thru that lesson! lol. That was great of him Matt. I personally have a problem with not being able to decide on which shoes to take. So I pack more than I need. Tsk tsk. Can't roll those up. hehe :shrugs:

    I LOVE your black 45. It looks awesome on you.