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  1. Please excuse my ignorance, H ladies - I've been spending most of the day reading the Hermes reference threads, doing searches and trying to learn as much as possible about Hermes and the different leathers, bags, accessories, colors, etc. So bear with me as I learn more about all this :nuts:

    In my bag I carry an LV cerises pochette (the one that comes with the bucket) that I use for small, "floating" items like my travel brush, pen, lip gloss, compact, chapstick, tampons and the like. I came across pictures of the Karo here on tPF and went like this ---> :nuts: and then :drool:

    I see that there are two different sizes for the Karo, PM and GM. What are the dimensions of each, and the retail? Would the Karo be something to use like I use my LV pochette? I really like the look of it, and how it can be used as an evening bag/clutch. I often find that with the LV (my only small "clutch" type bag), I can't always match it to what I'm wearing - if I'm going to a hole-in-the-wall bar, I don't want to bring a logo-stamped bag with me. That's why I think the Karo might work as something simple and understated, and functional. But its main use would be as a small accessory holder in my bag, which I use a lot.

    Also, when it comes to colors, I was thinking maybe rose shocking, raisin, cyclamen or blue jean? Is the Karo available in these colors (I know it is in rose shocking, I saw Rose's pictures :smile:).

    Any other suggestions for a small clutch/accessory bag? Let me have 'em ;)

    Thanks in advance! :nuts:
  2. Cristina, that GM measures about 7.5"W x 5"H x 2"D and the PM measures about 6"W x 3.5"W x 2"D. As you can see, the GM would probably be your best bet if you plan to use it as an evening clutch as well. I have both sizes and prefer the GM. I've seen them in all the colors you mentioned.
  3. The smaller pm was just 680 and the larger is over 700 I believe...I had the larger and just bought the smaller as I prefer how it fits in the bags. I personally wouldn't use it alone as a clutch but I'm sure some people would - it's pretty soft and squishy - I love mine!
  4. Thanks, 24 and shoes :smile: Funny, because from the pictures it looks stiff, but turns out it's softer than it looks. I think my LV pochette measures 6.5" by 4" or something like that. It comfortably fits all the small things that I carry that would normally get lost in the bottom of my bag. If I used it as a clutch, I would put a cell phone, lip gloss, cash, debit card and car key in there.

    I really like rose shocking. From the pictures I've seen, it looks like a Cristina color - shocking :P
  5. here's a pic of my smaller pm karo in turquoise chevre:

    Sat pics 007.jpg

    Sat pics 006.jpg
  6. Gorgeous, shoes! Thank you for sharing. Turquoise should go on my list of colors, too :nuts: I love bright colors.
  7. Cristina,
    Welcome to the H Side !
  8. christana, that is simply beautiful, al i can say it is glamorous
  9. Yes, I have been hit upside the head by H :graucho: Quite hard, I must admit :P
  10. Karos are great. I have both sizes. They come in a vast array of colors and are multi functional.
  11. I've also noticed a change in the lining of newer Karos; my Rouge VIF and Violette Karos have that taupe silky fabric lining, whereas my Rose Shocking (K stamp) PM has a burgundy rubber-like lining (easier to clean I imagine) so that's definitely an improvement! It is definitely not firm, but squishy as has been described, but I love the Karo! The GM is currently $710.
  12. I have a Massai PM - what's the best Karo size for that bag (PM or GM)?
  13. Today I received a GM Karo (Cobalt Blue) from the Charlotte store and the price was $740.

    I've seen Karos is nearly every color--Blue Brighton, Vermillion, Rouge H, Lilac, Framboise, Lagon, Rose Shocking, Rose Dragee, Black, Violet, some gold/tan colors and others.
  14. In the states the PM is 690 before the price increase and the GM is 740 before the price increase which is coming soon... They are lovely. The Epsom and Chevre leathers are less squishy than the swift leather models... The PM is the least squishy because it is smaller. I hope this helps :o)
  15. Duh! I just saw that this thread started last year.

    tbestes, I'm not familiar with the size of the Masai PM, but I imagine either size Karo would fit. The GM isn't all that large, but could hold quite a bit. The PM size is 6" wide, 4" high; the GM is 7.5" wide, 4.5" high. At the base (a bit wider that the top) they are about 1-1.5", depending on how much you put into them.

    I love the simplicity of the design--2 snaps at the top and it opens completely to see what's inside.