Questions about the Jumbo ;)

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  1. #1 May 12, 2019
    Last edited: May 12, 2019
    I’m strongly considering adding one to my collection. I tried it last week at the boutique and on it’s just stunning. I love how even my casual outfit of just leggings and a sweater was just elevated instantly.

    That said. I’m wondering a few things. I was surprised after reading the comments about how heavy it is, to find that I didn’t think it was heavy at all (emptyi). When I tried loading some things in it, it still didn’t feel at all bad to me.Can anyone weigh in on this? No pun intended :lol: just wondering if anyone else found this to be the case in store, and then used in in real life and found it too heavy for comfort.

    Also, does anyone use this beauty with kids?

    And lastly how annoying does that double flap become in getting your things out? And what do you use all those tiny slot compartments in that look like they’re just meant to hold some receipts?

    Thanks for the help!

    Adding one more question- for those that own this bag, do you love it? Any regrets?

    I’m normally a LV and Hermes girl so this would be my first Chanel purchase (besides my wallet!)

  2. In real life when the bag is filled with personal belongings, the heaviness becomes noticeable after wearing it for a long period of time. (There are a few people that don't feel it being heavy at all, so you might be one of the lucky ones!)

    The double flap doesn't bother me because I think it's easy to open with the main flap. And depending on which slot compartment you're referring to, people tend to also place a cell phone, card holder, compact mirror, etc and it doesn't stretch the leather very much. The 'secret' compartments, I hide my extra cash or place extremely important papers in it.

    It's a versatile bag for me and good luck with your decision.
  3. Thank you!! I think I’m just used to heavy bags, lugging around baby things, etc. That’s just my one concern that I shouldn’t get it and decide it’s just too uncomfortable.
  4. It is almost unbearably heavy to me even empty, but I chalk it up to being too excited about it at the time of purchase to notice the weight.

    I don't find the double flaps cumbersome in any way though.

    It is a beautiful and very versatile bag though so I don't think you'd regret it if you don't personally find it too heavy (and a lot of people don't). Best of luck with your decision!
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  5. Like with anything else, people’s opinions are subjective. What’s heavy to one person may not be to another. I think any bag can become heavy on the shoulder if it’s loaded & on your shoulder all day (even with some smaller bags). If it’s comfortable to you, then go for it! Good luck!!!
  6. I have a jumbo and it’s not light, but i’m used to rather heavy bags (I often commute with my 14in not-slim work laptop). I find even if it fill it with my things, it’s not too heavy throughout the day, but I no longer use a full size wallet (because that gets really heavy as I fill it up).

    Try it a few more times, bring things you would want to put in it to the boutique to try it out. If you are okay with it then it’ll be fine!
  7. I find it heavy. Even empty. Caviar heavier than lambskin though.
    I don't use it with my child too fussy and not a comfortable cross body bag.
    I found it more versatile prior to having kids
    I don't fasten the inner flap whilst wearing so that's not usually an issue
    Back pocket is fantastic for keeping phone within easy reach and the only additional pocket I generally use
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  8. I found it waaaay too heavy even when it’s empty.
  9. I have it in lambskin and don’t find it heavy even when full. It’s gorgeous bag!
  10. If you are used to Hermes I think you won’t find the jumbo heavy even when it is full. I have a single flap jumbo and I love it, I found the double flap a bit difficult to use. I am using it all the time with my toddler, so far so good (both the bag and the toddler)!
  11. Thanks! I don’t have a ton of Hermes but I love my 2 Evelynes. The double flap is my only option getting it at retail and I’d of course get caviar leather because.. well.. kids. lol

    I’m still debating what I want to do.
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  12. You definitely wont forget your wearing it.

  13. Excellent point that heavy is subjective! I definitely either didn’t find it heavy or was in denial because it looked sooooo good on! :love:
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  14. I love my Jumbo Classic double flap, not too heavy at all IMO. I use the compartments for makeup items.
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  15. Thanks for the input! Is your’s caviar leather?
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