Questions about the Julianne bag

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  1. Hi all,

    I was wondering how heavy is the Julianne bag with and without the chain? How long's the strap drop? And what colours did it come in? Is there a cream/ivory one? I've seen pics of the black one. Anyone got modelling pics of other colours? :graucho:

  2. i can't tell you how heavy it is, but it did come in ivory. aside from the black, there was also slate, which is a light pale blue. i think lovekoobabags might have this bag? have you checked the reference library? i'm sure there are pics in there.

  3. I've seen it in bordeaux and chestnut before as well. I think the bag itself is light, but the chain adds quite a few ounces to it. Thank goodness it's removable!
    9ae9_1.JPG e855_3.JPG
  4. I have the black one and find that it is light w/o the chain and a bit heavier with the chain attached. I often wear it without the chain - it's very comfortable.
  5. its hot - i would definitely get this bag (if i hadnt already bought a zillion others :shame:
    i love that it fits neatly under the arm, is quilted and has the bling chain. do it!
  6. Ah so not helping with my bag ban! lol.

    Is the nude cream/white? or is it pinky? Hm trying to decide between that and the ivory...or maybe black
  7. I like the black! I saw a girl carrying it while on her phone outside a bar the other night and the bag looked hot! ;)
  8. it's a true ivory. no pink undertones. looks great with the gold hardware. perfect for all seasons. i'm the kind of person who loves to wear my cream colored bags as my "winter whites."
  9. I love this bag, it is definitely one of my favorite quilted styles.
  10. ^^^Mine too!
  11. lol right looks like this might be added onto my list of bags
  12. there's one on ebay that i waaaaaaant ...
  13. Love!!!
  14. Ok so ivory or black?! I can see black being more versatile for day and night, but the ivory is gorgeous too. The only thing I have about that is how hard is it to keep clean? I don't baby my bags, but I don't throw them around either. Which one is a more everyday bag? Lol I don't think I'm gonna be about to afford this bag until about May...unless of course an amazing deal on ebay turns up and I break my purse ban :graucho:
  15. Hi there ~ I'm sorry I'm just noticing this thread now.
    I have a black julianne that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE.
    I will never never never never think of getting rid of her.
    She's a total keeper. I have to tell you though...I definitely prefer
    to wear this bag without the chain. The chain is the same sized chain
    for stams (which are larger). In my opinion - it's a little too long for this bag.
    It's just one of those classic, beautifully quilted MJ bags.
    I was thinking of buying it in the Ivory color but decided against it.
    If you can get one in the $550-$600 range then that is pretty much they were marked down to as the final price.
    I highly recommend this bag. It actually worked out for me b/c I needed a black chain for another bag that I have.