Questions about the IPHONE

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  1. does anyone here know how to put pictures onto your iphone and also add ringtones?? i added a whole albulm off my computer now I cant get it off my phone lol help:nogood:
  2. You can do this via itunes I think.
  3. FYI...Apple's website has tons of tutorials and help files.
  4. Go to your iTunes, uncheck the photo boxes that you don't want there anymore and sync. You can't add ringtones on the iPhone as far as I know.
  5. I actually have a program that allows me to make ringtones from my music.
  6. yep..Itunes explains it all...I had to watch the info helped alot.I found the iphone very hard to figure out the first week I had u figure it out,itll b a peice of cake to download again!u can PM me anytime if u have questions.I know a few Pfers helped me when i first got mine!
  7. if you have a mac you can use garageband and then put it on your iphone !

    thats what i do :smile:
  8. hopefully I made the rite choice by getting the iphone lol