Questions about the Hologram Sticker

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  1. I have a few questions regarding the hologram sticker. Did Chloe put the hologram sticker on the back of the serial tag starting in 08? So the bags before 08 did not have the sticker on back (just on the card)?

    Also, I just got a bag and the card sticker starts with "C.1." but the sticker on back of the serial tag starts with "C.2." Is this how it's supposed to be? The numbers following the 1 and 2 are identical.

    Thank you!
  2. As far as I know Chloé started with this hologram thing in 2008. So the older bags doesn't have the stickers ( they did not come with the plastic card as well just with the care instructions printed on paper in this small evenlope the card does now come with )

    Card stickers are always starting with the C1., stickers inside the bag with the C2. This is how it's supposed to be.
  3. Thanks very much for the info!

  4. yes i agree with Chloe75 on the info. ,,but therfore the hologram sticker from behind the leather tab is easily peeled off and so if you had a bag without the sticker just w/the card than its possible the hologram sticker had peeled off somewhere due to putting and taking things out of that pocket.
  5. The hologram sticker does unfortunately peel off on some - which is a PITA - as it lends a hand to the counterfeiters who can produce the bags without the sticker - and then also without the Registration card - i.e., 'bought at Last Call' or wherever, but the Card wasn't with the bag and the sticker had come away!

    Just make sure that if you buy - and its from an auction listing - you have the bag checked on the Authenticate This Thread. From a bona fide retailer - it should be fine - but there have been cases of 'bait and switch' - so always err on the side of caution.

  6. My paraty has a hologram that comes off. I keep sticking it back on but its only a matter of time before I lose it :s I did get it from an authorised retailer so I am not concerned about authenticity but I wish it would just stay put.
  7. ^^ Its kind of like a lot of things Chloe do - not quite what you'd expect - and you'd certainly expect the hologram sticker to 'stay put'. I think is another one of those foibles - but one which they do need to rectify. I mean - haven't they heard of superglue?:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. This is so true...:biggrin: