Questions about the Gustto Baca...

  1. If you have a Gustto Baca:

    1. do you have the large or small? why?
    2. do you find it difficult to get into it while it's on your arm (in other words, do you have to rest it on something to open it and rummage through it)?
    3. what's the best site to order one from?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. if you can get to NYC go to the sample sale next week :smile: if not i like Active Endeavors | Shopping

    and i think revolveclothing has them too!

    I have the regular size its not the big baca but its not a small bag its just called the baca bag, its actually really big you can put a ton of stuff in it! i feel like the big baca would be too much!

    and as far as getting into it it depends what im getting out of it , if i am looking for a small item then yea i kinda of have to put it down, i sometimes rest it on my knee or something but i feel like with all really super floppy bags you kind of need to rest it down to find small stuff?

    i dunno if that helped haha but i hope so! if you have any more Qs ask
  3. Thanks so much for the input! When/where exactly is the sample sale?
  4. i wrote back to this where did my reply go ? :sad:
  5. oh there it is! :smile: yaay!

    the sample sale is at:
    [FONT=Verdana,Arial,sans-serif]SSS SAMPLE SALE
    261 W. 36th Street - 2nd Floor
    (between 7th Ave & 8th Ave)
    New York, NY 10018

    and it starts feb 27th tues morn at 10am -7pm and then wed, thurs and fri of that same week they are open 10-6pm

    they will also have bags by kooba! :smile: which are AMAZING so save up and check those out t:huh:!!!

  6. Thanks so much - this may be worth a day off from work!
  7. hehe i think so!! :smile: gustto is amazing and so is kooba, if you dont know it check the threads about kooba its well loved here on tpf!!

    could get 2 or more amazing bags at great prices and philly isnt too far away! :smile:
    let us (me) know if you go and of course pics of what u get!!! :supacool:
  8. I've seen the large and small in real life. The small is surprisingly big. The larger size felt like a duffel bag to me.
  9. hey if you check the posting in deals and steals under the posting "premature heads up for gustto sample sale" I posted that up and i just posted up pictures of me holding my baca bag and i dont think its the large one, i mean one girl said the big ones were selling for $295 at the last sale and thats what i paid,,,but the big one looks huge in the pics online and although i think mine is big i am not sure its that big

    either was you can see how it looks on me and you can see i stuffed a big sweatshirt into it and i show it out and in the bag! :smile: