Questions about the Gigi

  1. I have loved the look of this bag since it came out but have yet to take the plunge.
    I have a bit of a back problem so anything that it terribly heavy I can't carry. I bought the lily satchel and had to sell it on eBay as after one day of use I was in tremendous pain. I have a Leigh Satchel and the Large Ergo Belted Tote and both I am fine with. Will I be ok with the Gigi?

    If I buy it what color? The Ergo is black and the Leigh in whisky. I wear jeans most of the time and a lot of black. Any suggestions?

    Is this bag as wonderful as it looks?
  2. i love this bag IRL! i totally would've gotten one but it's just out of my price range rite now...i'm not sure how it compares to the 2 bags that you have in terms of weight but if you have a back problem, have you looked into the signature gigi's? i believe it comes in khaki/black and chocolate...they probably weight a lot less than the all leather bags...hope i helped! good luck!
  3. The Gigi is very heavy if you load it up. I own the Clay color but have not worn it yet.
    Gigi will be released in the walnut color in early December which is an espresso brown.
    That is the color I am getting. That color would be great with Denim and you would not have to worry about denim transfer.
  4. I have the whiskey gigi but haven't used it yet. I really love the leather, and you're right--it is heavier. The signature version is MUCH lighter and it's gorgeous in the chocolate brown.

    I just love leather in this bag, so whiskey was the choice for me...
  5. I've got the Gigi in the brown signature, and even empty, it's not the lightest bag I've ever owned! And it's easy to load it up...

    It was much larger than I was expecting, which was a bonus!

    If weight is an issue, then you should really look at the signature Gigi rather than the leather.
  6. It really depends on how much you like this style. For me, I really wanted a large leather tote, and I knew this was a bag that I would regret not having. I see it being a great bag for years to come!
  7. I own a Clay GIGI, love the bag. Its worth every dime.
  8. I love my clay Gigi! I have a lot of sig Coach AND I don't overload my bags, not even totes, so it was OK for me to get a leather tote rather than sig. On a side note my Gigi came from JAX and must have been over humidified so it already looks a little worn in but honestly after all that I was too lazy to return it (eesh) and I'm still really enjoying her!
  9. If you're looking for the GIGI in Whiskey, many Nordstrom's have them on the sale table.

    There was one in Cerritos, CA yesterday. I think it was about $425.