Questions about the Gigi Totes

  1. I've learned that the descriptions on Coach's site, at least for newer items, are not always accurate (the size, leather, and the lining of my latest order was quite wrong) . I like the Gigi totes, including the new patent putty one in the latest catalog on page 56. If the size description for these totes is accurate, then some are bigger than others (the leather and signature are bigger than the new patent, denim, and Spectator). Is this right? Those 2 inches will be important as I am shopping for a bag for my 15" laptop. Might any of you that have any of them be able to tell me which you have and what the measurements are? I would GREATLY appreciate it. Those bags are beautiful. I'm deciding PCE purchases for this weekend (I'm not on "the list" but bought a card on eBay!).

    Also, which is more durable and easy to take care of - patent or Legacy leather?
  2. I shopped long and hard for various totes. I checked various brands at Nordstrom, Macys and Dillards and online. Finally decided on the black leather GIGI. I wanted something that was practical but stylish. I work in a professional, conservative environment so wanted a bag that I can use for work and client meetings, but also be able to tote it around in my day to day casual life.

    I initially ordered the black/khaki signature, but noticed that the bottom of the signature is actually made of fabric - not leather. I was concerned that this would not make it as sturdy. I own one or two patent bags but I do admit that I baby my patent bags a bit more than my leather bags.

    Others in tPF can correct me if I'm wrong, but I've read in a bunch of places that once you scratch a patent bag, it's pretty much a done deal. Several on the forum mentioned a product called Applegard that has been great at removing scratches on leather bags, so I'm going to get one of those just in case I need it for my Gigi. I do have a couple of Coach leather bags (Soho/Chelsea) and they have been awesome at resisting scratches so I'm confident that my Gigi will look great for many years to come.

    I haven't seen the new spectator or denim totes IRL but the leather GIGI is big enough to fit my files, books, and misc. items (make-up bag, wallet, etc). I haven't tried to carry my laptop in it, but can let you know how that works. I'll also let you know the measurements of my leather Gigi. I just can't find my tape measure at the moment!
  3. Thank you so much, ChelseaG!