Questions about the Edith bag

  1. I have read a lot about the Edith bag. A couple questions:

    DOES the large bag fit over the shoulder or not?

    Is the Chamois color easy to find? (Or easier than the Whiskey?)

    What is the retail cost?

    I am thinking this may be a nice briefcase but I need something that will fit over the shoulder too.

  2. The large DOES fit on the shoulder, but it is quite big. Chamois is easier to find than whiskey, at least in the medium size. Chloe NY had a large choco the other day, but they still have a HUGE waiting list for whiskey Ediths. You might be able to find one someplace else, though. Retail on the large is $1720, on the medium is $1275. I can fit books and papers (non-legal size) in my medium whiskey.
  3. Nordstrom's So Coast Plaza has a Chamois Large Whiskey.
  4. ET,

    Do you happen to know the dimensions of the medium and large Edith? I am 6 ft. tall and a size 14 so I can get away with wearing a bigger bag.
  5. How long ago did you see it there? I was kinda hoping to find it somewhere else to save on sales tax- since I live in Nordy land I'd have to pay it even if I buy it in Calif. right?
  6. By the way, THANK YOU BOTH for the replies. Shame on me for my bad manners.
  7. It was there last night. I think just about anywhere will charge tax, except for Net-A-Porter. CA has just about every store that would carry it.
  8. Roo, I can wear large Edith on my shoulder with a light sweater. I do not think I could wear large Edith on the shoulder comfortably with a jacket. I am medium build with fairly broad shoulders.
  9. I think the large is about 19 or 20 inches across the bottom, whereas the medium is more like 15? My medium is about 10 inches tall, and tapers toward the top to around maybe 13 inches? Not positive, though. From what I have heard, the large is more luggage size than briefcase size, but if you are 6' you could probably get away with that. I am only 5'3"!
  10. ET, if you have a chance, could you measure yours? I think the large is going to be too big....

    Its hard to buy something when you can't eyeball it! :P

  11. Sure...okay, running the tape measure along the leather (over the slouchies) it is:

    17" across the bottom
    14" across the top
    5" wide at the bottom
    11" tall

    Also, here is a pic from NAP of the model (very tall) holding the medium bag to give you an idea of proportion, and the pic from the BG ad:
    CHLOE LINEUP SS.jpg Bergdorf Edith pic.jpg
  12. ET,

    You are my hero, I owe you big time! That is the exact size I would like... also, one would assume these are lighter in weight than the paddys?

    Now, how to find one in chamois? If anyone knows can you PM me?? :wacko:
  13. Saks may be your best bet for chamois. My Edith is lighter than the Paddy, but not as light (of course) as a b-bag. I have carried mine with about a REAM of paper in it (getting ready for conference) on/across campus, and it was comfortable to carry by hand. I had the chamois, too, but I sold has the most gorgeous, pebbly leather! And it will be easier to find than the whiskey. I am sure someone here will be able to spot one for you in no time!

    I posted pics of my whiskey and chamois together somewhere on the Forum...I will try to track those down.

    EDITED to add photo
    Ediths outside front.jpg
  14. out of curiosity, what colors do you guys think are the easiest to find? i'm actually starting to think it may be chamois ( because i rarely here people happening upon the chocolate, whiskey or grey).

    roo- also try neimans. there are a few sa's at various locations who will work really hard to track down bags for you.
  15. Thanks, you girls are dolls! The reason I am leaning towards the chamois is that I like to have bags in different colors. I have the brown Isabella Fiore Katie Holmes bag with the gold studs and so I'd rather diversify and have a different color Chloe. I already have black and also a Damier LV.