Questions about the Damier Speedy...

  1. I'm going to Paris in July and was wanting to get a Speedy. I like the monogram but would definitely prefer it in the Damier leather so I've just got a couple of questions about it :smile:

    1) Will it be available in July in Paris?
    2) Is there a waiting list or will they just be stocked like regular bags?
    3) What will the price of it be?

    Thanks so much everyone
  2. I was yesterday in LV (Amsterdam). My SA told me that it will arrive in July (:sad: a couple of weeks ago she said "may - june"), I'm already in the waiting list (just in case) and the price will be Euro 410.
    Hope this helps and good luck!!! :biggrin:
  3. thier LV knowledge there is very little......sometime if you ask them somethings there keep giving you different info's.......coz most of them are part-time workers,but there is one (dunno her name,she is from Curacao and she work there full-time she always tight her hair up) she can give you the right info's
  4. Well, actually, it doesn't matter very much one month more or less as long as I get the bag!!!! :nuts:
    Besides, it allows me to consider whether to buy the matching koala wallet I checked the other day (and save the money for it!!! :huh: )

    Forgot to say, somebody else posted in another thread some time ago that July was also the date she was given in the US... so I guess July will be!!
  5. good luck with the Damier Speedy ;)
  6. The only consistant date I have heard is June. I think they may be keeping it hush hush to keep all us chatting it up!
  7. They should know by now that there's no need for that LOL ... we'll keep on doing it anyway!!!! :nuts:

  8. actually, i'm pretty sure the price will be 515 euros for the 25 and 530 for the 30.
  9. Nop, I have the print of my reservation from LV with the price and it's 410 euros for the 25...
  10. ^^ 410 Euros is quite reasonable then ! Although that kind of sucks that the monogrammed 25 is 395 Euros.

    That's so strange that there's a price difference, I mean, the alma in damier and mono are both 585 !!
  11. Yes, I know, I expected a higher price... I guess they want to keep Damier "a bit" more expensive than mono but less expensive than epi?? :huh: Doesn't make much sense, anyway...
  12. i dont be surprise this summer the price rise up again(knowing LV....),i think the 30 is just nice for me the 25 is way to small for me....but then thinking of the saggyness of the just make me wondering again and again shall i buy it or not...

  13. that's weird, i checked in the computer myself...
    plus someone on the fashion spot bought the damier speedy as a SO a while ago and she paid around 500 euros.
    i'll check again on tuesday.
  14. Hi, about 2 years ago I saw a girl carried damier speedy. Back then I thought LV didn't make damier speedy yet.For some a reason I suspected her bag was fake (but not sure). She was such a snotty girl so I only said "Nice speedy" .Please confirm LV just make damier speedy this year.
  15. Damier speedies were only available in previous years through special order. So her speedy could be authentic.