Questions about the color Jaune

  1. Hi there Chloe gals! I know so little about Chloe (yet I am thinking about getting one) and I have a question that I would really love an answer to.

    A coworker of mine has this yellow's light yellow (sunflower-ish but perhaps lighter) it's not neon or bright at all...kind of muted. I asked her what the color was and she said it is Jaune. I found a gal in the paddington ref. thread who had a Jaune bag and of course, this is the exact bag that my coworker has. I've been looking all over for it and today I found this:

    This color seems mustard-ish to me...too dark. Is this just a trick of the light? Is this bag Jaune? Does Jaune even EXIST?!

    Thanks in advance, ladies. :smile:
  2. I am pretty sure susieserb and I saw a "jaune" Elvire at Neiman Marcus. It was a great yellow - not overpowering and not the color pictured above. Sometimes colors on a computer can be "off". It all depends on the calibration. If you are interested in buying a jaune baby Paddy I would ask the seller to confirm that it is "jaune".
  3. I've seen jaune and it's not really mustardish... but it's hard to say, as it's all objective! I'd say it was more of a solid straw yellow. Perhaps a light mustard? From your description, your co-worker's bag sounds very much like the jaune I know.

    Can you go to a chloe boutique and ask to see some colour swatches? Some colours vary from season to season, even if they keep the same name, is all...
  4. I had a Jaune Paddington & it was more of a sunflowerish color. Not a really dark yellow, it was quite muted. I attached a photo of it, hope it helps.
  5. Thanks everyone for the help. :smile: I'm still trying to search for this elusive color. I definitely think you guys are right though...the color I posted is NOT Jaune!
  6. I saw one in Saks a while back. It was a sunflower yellow. Good luck with your search!